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Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy?

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Words of the Son

Just sing your trials and problems away.

  1. King is Coming Tour – Toronto, Canada – September 2017

    October 1 @ 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    Metro Toronto Convention Center
    255 Front St.
    West Toronto, Ontario Canada
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A Day in the Life

  • Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy continues to save souls as he reaches Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Watch as…

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  • Apollo Quiboloy

    In spite of Pastor Apollo’s busy schedule he makes sure that he keeps fit with a daily round of golf;…

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  • Throughout his busy schedule, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy continues to feed the millions of Kingdom Citizens in new episodes of…

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  • Continue to watch as Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy visits the Children’s Joy Foundation Shelter in Indangan for the foundation’s 19th…

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Bro. Kazuki Takahashi

Young People
KLC of Tokyo, Japan

Even as a young man, Bro. Kazuki has one compelling goal in life — to make people happy. He searched for the answer in school, in his father’s company, and in his religion, but did not find it, until one day a small voice led him to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, in whom he discovered what loving your neighbor truly means.

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Sis. Jackie Kishida

Full Time Miracle Worker
Keepers' Club International Europe

Her life was filled with trouble and woe, problems and pain; she knew not what to do or where to go. She thought that ending her life or running away was the best way to end all her problems, but through a dream, she was guided to the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

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Sis. Darlene Santos

New Full Time Miracle Worker
KLC of Quezon City

Darlene watched her mother suffer emotionally after first, her biological father and then her stepfather, left her. To Darlene, these experiences were devastating as well, but she hid her pain by acting out characters from animated shows in various events. She would have gone on drowning her sorrows in worldly activities had she not, one day, heard and was blessed by the message of the Appointed Son.

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Sis. Claudette Pingul

Full Time Miracle Worker
Pastoral Care

Sis. Claudette was a normal teenager in a strict, well-off Catholic home. However, one day, everything that she knew was turned upside down when the family fell into hard times. But the Father’s love worked mercifully in her life and she found true happiness inside the Kingdom with the Appointed Son of God.

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Sis. Justine May Cardona

Kingdom Youth
New Jerusalem, Davao City

She grew up within the Kingdom Nation and being privileged to have Pastor Apollo be the one to name her Justine May. Molded under the care of the Appointed Son, Sis. Justine shares how through correction, chastisement and teaching, she grew obedient to the Father’s Will as a good soldier in the Father’s Army of Goodness.

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A New Me

  • Sis. Diana Basra Lacdao – Kingdom Musician

    Finding True Love and Happiness A New Me: Sis. Diana Basra Lacdao – Kingdom Musician

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  • Sis. Marie-Mai Lachapelle – New FTMW

    When her single mother could no longer support her, Marie-Mai Lachapelle was given-up to foster care in Canada. She lived with a foster family until she was 17 years old, but was abruptly yanked away from what she thought of as home when authorities discovered that her foster father was sexually abusing one of…

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  • Bro. Joel De Lara – Quezon City, Philippines

    All that mattered to Joel De Lara was becoming successful in life. After graduating from the Far Eastern University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, his goal was to build his future in a first-world country, establish himself and become independent. But all of that changed when he returned to the Philippines to attend…

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  • Bro. Franco Gabriel Baranda – Kingdom Minister

    When he was in the fifth grade, a close relative introduced him to drugs. He became the youngest drug dealer in his village, which also led him into a gangster life. His goal was to become a drug lord one day. But through the grace and intervention of the Almighty Father through His…

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