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Abundant spiritual harvest in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

It is Sakura Season, the blossoming of the ancient cherry flowers which is flocked by tourists from all over the World. This time, it is not only the beautiful and majestic cherry blossoms people are coming to see, but the Father’s audible voice, sent in these last...

The message of love reaches Japan

Another milestone of victory and harvest for the Kingdom Nation as the Appointed Son of God Pastor Apollo Quiboloy successfully held the second leg of his King is Coming Tour Asia in the land of the rising sun – Japan. Thousands of visitors of different races...

Pastor Apollo visits Kuala Lumpur for KICT 2019

For the first leg of his King is Coming Tour Asia, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God, steps into the plush Sunway Hotel Resort and Spa to preach to a full audience of different races and cultures. These eager visitors came from all over Kuala Lumpur...

Give Us This Day celebrates the Anointing of the Son

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy celebrates 45 years of his Anointing as the Appointed Son of God in a special Give Us This Day episode, Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  One of Pastor Apollo’s much loved TV programs, Give Us This Day broadcasts live all over the globe through...



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