Pastor Apollo calls bashers psychotic

“Psychotic!” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said of his bashers in a broadcast of his SPOTLIGHT program recently. “On the verge of insanity!” he declared. “These people like to laugh and make fun of me, but their insides are burning with rage because they cannot take the...

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Walking with Faith

Before knowing the Kingdom, I only believed that life was all about finding myself, only about creating myself. I only believed in my own abilities and strengths that I gained through my experiences. I only believed in my own hard work, in other words, I only believed...

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The boldness of the Appointed Son of God

Years ago in Villamor St., Agdao, a member of the New People’s Army (an armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines) approached our Beloved Pastor. He toted his gun at his waist trying to intimidate Pastor. He demanded financial support from the ministry or...

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On Faith and Hard Work

It is almost nighttime and we have to pack up and descend to the Glory Mountain’s base camp. I am together with full-time miracle workers finishing off the clearing of the grounds and the pruning of the evergreen pine trees in the higher portions of the Glory...

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The Indefatigable Man

Just about dusk one day in April 1973, a sprightly young man in fitted polo shirt and faded khaki pants approached an elderly farmer in the field atop the rolling hills. “Where is Bulan-bulan, San Remigio?” he asked between gasps. “Approximately 30 minutes by foot,...

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His faith that moves mountains

In my Saturday morning brisk walking, I turned a corner and saw the King Dome against the backdrop of the peaceful morning skies. I told my young companion how impossible it was years ago to see such a mega structure being built inside the Kingdom compound....

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Of fulfilled Dreams and Revelations

It was a typical day at the fairway on May 21, 1996. The golfing buddies were about to part ways when Pastor Apollo Quiboloy reluctantly whispered to his friend, “Mayor, unsa man ‘tong akong damgo gabii? Gipasundo man daw ko nimo sa Davao unya didto daw ko nitugpa sa...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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