The Kingdom Message Gets Green Light in South America

Tocou-me, Jesus tocou-meDe paz Ele encheu meu coraçãoQuando, o Senhor Jesus me tocouLivrou-me da escuridão (“He Touched Me” in Portuguese) There was I, an observer, away from the actual event. Looking at how the words of the song filled every heart: how it gave the...

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Enlightenment will come like the rising of the sun

In a recent episode of Give Us This Day, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God, drew a very clear picture of how the power of Satan Lucifer the devil is waning in this world. During the hour and a half exposition on television, he explained how...

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The Kingdom Nation and Its Culture of Excellence

Excellence is a culture in the Kingdom Nation. It is a way of life. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has continuously emphasized not to settle for anything that is less than excellent. If results offered are less than the Almighty Father's standard of excellence, then one has...

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Love Begets Love

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as a seven-year-old boy Under the sweltering summer heat, when all the coffee plants have dried up and the passing vehicles of the Chinese traders leave clouds of dust, Dodong, an eight-year-old fair-skinned boy, stands in front of the...

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Why is there an ACQ International Children’s Day?

The happiness of a child begins in the home. He is nurtured and loved by his parents, and where he receives adequate food, shelter, clothing, supervision, education and health care. All are ingredients a child needs to grow into a productive and healthy-minded person...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Fulfillment of the Testaments

An excerpt from “The Book of Witnesses” Curated by The Kingdom Royal Scribes, 2017 Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is the youngest of a brood of nine brothers and sisters. His late mother’s name was Maria and his father was Jose. Just like Cornelius in the New Testament, the...

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