To say the least, I have never known of any man like Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. One might look at him and immediately see the opulence about everything around him: expensive cars, tasteful clothes; forget about the jet because even his wristwatch looks like it costs an arm and a leg. But what people don’t see after listening, truly listening to him speak a few times — is that beyond the material wealth he has, he is also worth a fortune deep inside.

Apollo Quiboloy

To say that Pastor Apollo is no ordinary man could suffice on the surface, but to say that he is an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling in his life is telling. This is how he is introduced every time he steps up to the stage to preach. He was called, anointed, and appointed by God to be the very first of our generation to become the embodiment of God Himself in this earth.

To be completely honest, I’m an extremely skeptical person. My ears tingle when I hear this man introduced like this. I guess it was God’s way for me to really strive to see exactly what these people are talking about when it comes to this man.

I don’t know about you, but you will never know unless you hear it from the person himself. I have heard enough from others. It came to a point where I plugged out their voices and simply started listening to Pastor Apollo in earnest. I always remind myself that if you don’t stand for something, you will easily fall for anything.

It is safe to say that I dig what this man is saying because it is not for himself nor his congregation, but for the infinite God to whom he gives all faith, trust, service, wealth, and souls to. Pastor Apollo is an ordinary man who gets judged for all sorts of things, but one thing is certain: he is a man of moral, physical, and spiritual example, and he is just here to teach us to do the same – to live a life of commitment and dedication in following God’s will in your life.

What is this will, you may ask? The answer is easy and doable: ask God above Himself in a personal prayer and you will be surprised. All your questions, doubts and suspicions will be answered, and you will see what Pastor Apollo and his congregation is really all about. Trust me when I say: he is something you would never find anywhere — a priceless, eternal treasure.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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