To become a son or daughter of God is not an easy process. It is a road peppered with trial, testing and temptation. Just as our Lord Jesus Christ was tried in the desert for 40 days.

The process of change requires a daily decision to choose to obey God’s Will so that He can work in you to become like Him. It is an intense and fiery process that burns away the dross of disobedience in your life, that disobedient spirit in our heart against the Will of God.

But the Father Almighty is not cruel. He did not leave us alone to struggle on our own. He called forth a man in this generation, a man who is just like everyone else. An ordinary man just like us to become His Appointed Son.

This man answered the Father’s calling in his life. He left everything behind. He left a promising life and career that he wanted more than anything else in the world. He chose to abandon his dreams and ambitions to follow the voice of the Father wherever and however it led him.

And it led him through the most severe trial and temptation, the most fiery testing of his commitment. And being just a man, like you and me, he was tempted to give up so many times. He was tempted to turn his back on the Father because the process was just so very, very hard.

But thank God, he made it through! He passed every test put his way until finally, he graduated with flying colors – the first man on this earth since Adam fell from grace whom the Father declared worthy to be called a Son of God. The only man in this world who has proven that no matter what, he would not abandon the Almighty Father. The Father knows that He can trust this man never to betray Him.

He is of course, no other than Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Father’s Appointed Son in these last days. The world may not believe it or accept it, but it is the truth. Blessed are those who believe and understand this spiritual reality. Woe to those who do not because they have hardened their hearts against it.

So now humanity has a model to follow. There is no longer any reason for us to believe that to become like Jesus Christ is impossible. Now we know that we can become sons of God.

Pastor Apollo is just the first of the millions that are coming after. Now he is teaching all those who care to listen to the Father’s voice, spoken through him as His Son and spoken through his preaching, how to become a son and daughter of the Almighty Father.

As he always teaches, it all begins with a promise when you say, “Father from now on, not my will, but Thy Will be done in my life.”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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