An excerpt from “The Book of Witnesses”
Curated by The Kingdom Royal Scribes, 2017
Quiboloy siblings
Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is the youngest of a brood of nine brothers and sisters. His late mother’s name was Maria and his father was Jose.

Just like Cornelius in the New Testament, the Quiboloy family found favor in the Almighty Father’s eyes. No one knew that from this family, one life would fulfill His plan for mankind – that of the child named Apollo Quiboloy.

It was in 1948 when the whole family migrated to the place which the Father had chosen to be His new spiritual city, the City of Davao, located in the Southern part of the Philippines, Mindanao. Perfectly designed as it was in the mind of God, two years later, the seed, who would one day bear upon his shoulder the responsibility of saving humanity, was born. He was named after the country’s highest peak, Mt. Apo, for he was born at its foothills, in a place called Tamayong, one special day on April 25, 1950. He was born to farmer, teacher and novelist Jose Turla Quiboloy and his wife, Maria “Seca” Carreon Quiboloy, who were both natives of Pampanga.

Stories of what his mother saw when she was about to give birth to him remain fresh and undying in the hearts and minds of those who had witnessed them first hand. Seca, as the siblings lovingly addressed her, saw a vision of God lying on a cloud that seemed to tell her, “The child you are giving birth to is My son.”

Apollo C. Quiboloy as child

The only one born in Mindanao and the youngest among nine (9) siblings, Apollo, the child, grew up under the strict discipline of first his parents, and when he moved to Parang, Cotabato to study high school, that of his eldest sister, Helen.  He was errand boy and all-around caretaker in all of Helen’s family businesses even while studying and hoping to become a pilot one day. Until the time appointed came that his life’s calling began.

At the age of 14, the revelation of the second coming came upon Apollo one night.  He saw a bright star coming down from heaven which transformed into a figure of God. There was a great pandemonium on the earth. People ran in all directions but there was nowhere to go because even the ocean was in flames. It was a vision of the Day of the Lord which the Father first dealt him through the message, “The sun shall turn into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and notable day of the Lord come.” The Father also told him, “If ye shall seek me, ye shall find me in my way.”

Dreams on Lake of Fire

Gifted with an exceptional mind, Apollo yearned to become a pilot, an engineer or a lawyer, but God’s design brought him to the opposite direction from all his personal plans. He entered Bible College soon after finishing high school and graduated in 1972. Because of his ability to preach seven times a day non-stop, he became the apple of the eye of the denomination where he belonged to at that time and was called “a preaching machine” because of this remarkable gift.

Apollo C. Quiboloy in Korea

In 1973, Apollo was sent to Korea for the International Youth Conference attended by 186 young people from Canada and America. That was when the Father first spoke to him in an audible voice, saying, “Gamiton ta ka” (Visayan for “I will use you”) which he heard while intently praying. And again, at a later time, he heard the Father’s voice saying those same words three times while waiting for his flight to Palawan in the Philippines. When he heard those words spoken again, a feeling bloomed inside Apollo that he could not describe and it made him weep. The Father’s orchestration in his life was growing stronger, leading him he knew not where, until he found himself in a faraway mountain called Kitbog, among the B’laan natives in Malalag Cogon, in Malungon, Sarangani Province.

In Kitbog, Pastor Apollo received revelations from the Almighty Father through visions, dreams and audible voice. After a year, he proved to himself that what was happening to him was beyond the ordinary and that it was truly God calling him to a life of obedience to His perfect will. In was there in Kitbog that a covenant was signed that said ‘from now on not my will but the Father’s will be done in my life’. In that Mountain of Decision, a child was born.

One significant Wednesday on March 20, 1974, Pastor Apollo came down from Kitbog to get supplies from Tamayong. That night, he preached at the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) chapel about the fruit of the flesh and the fruit of the spirit, when suddenly, in a vision only he could see, the Almighty Father anointed him with a heavenly oil called “spikenard.”

the chapel where Pastor Apollo was annointed

He was sanctified for a purpose. That one year of proving God’s calling led him to another intense period of spiritual training at the ‘University of the Spirit’ where he was taught obedience, loyalty, commitment, dedication, faithfulness and endurance through the things that he suffered.

For five long years, he was persecuted, maligned, mocked, laughed at by people, and was called crazy for leaving the promising life that awaited him in the denomination. But these were the most glorious years of his life when the heavens were open to him. After five years of intense spiritual learning from the Father who was his personal tutor and governor in the Mountain of Tamayong, the Father said to him, “Now, you are my Son.” In this Mountain of Affliction, a Son was given.

The Fulfillment
This is a page from the diary of Jose, Pastor Apollo’s father, about what happened the night of the anointing, in 1974.

Already a changed man from within, Pastor Apollo was told to go back to the denomination. He did not understand it, but he obeyed. Later on, he realized that the Father had sent him back to gather His children and bring them into the true fold. September 1, 1985, marked the spiritual exodus of God’s children from the bondage of religion and denomination just as Moses had led the Israelites from the bondage of Egypt in his time.

Pastor Apollo tilled the soil of the Father’s work day and night, preaching repentance and spiritual deliverance to the captives. Faithfully fulfilling his three-fold ministry — Mosaic, Prophetic and Solomonic — and the three pillars of the Kingdom Revelation — the Spiritual Revolution, the Financial Revolution and the Revolution of Excellence— a revelation came to him that his public ministry was over and that the Father has declared him to the whole world as His Appointed Son. That September 13, 2003 revelation shook the whole of Christendom. Pastor ascended to the throne as the Son. His Sonship meant that there is now an authority in expressing the rule of the Father on earth.

During those five years in Tamayong, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy shared to the members the Manna of Revelations that he received direct from the Almighty Father every day.
During those five years in Tamayong, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy shared to the members the Manna of Revelations that he received direct from the Almighty Father every day.

On April 9-12, 2004, a series of revelations came upon Pastor Apollo. He was given wealth and riches, power even to raise the dead, prestige, fame and honor. On December 25, 2004, the power of the air was placed in his hands. The Son had conquered the airwaves reaching 200 countries and 2000 cities all over the world through various means of media communication. Finally, April 13, 2005 came when the Father revealed to the Son that “This is the Day of the Lord,” which meant that the days of man are over. The Father is going to judge everything that is not His perfect will. It was the time appointed that his Kingship was ushered in; a time when the Father’s work of salvation was completed; and a time when the Kingdom Nation was born which now produces sons and daughters with the spirit that is loyal to Him, the spirit that says, “not my will but Your will, Father, be done.” Revelation 21:7 was fulfilled in the life of the Son.

The Sonship and Kingship which were lost in the Garden of Eden, redeemed by the Begotten Son when He came, was turned over to His Appointed Son. For the Word of God says, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be His God and he shall be my son.” The Son, as the King of the new creation, the new heaven and the new earth, was given power over all flesh.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, anointed to implement the Will of the Almighty Father in these last days.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is the fulfillment of the purpose why the Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, came.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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