People can be so blind. And stupid. And prideful. And exasperating.

For the longest time, ever since it became obvious that man is the cause of the destruction of the earth, we have longed for a better world to live in, one where there is peace instead of chaos, prosperity instead of poverty, love instead of hate. We look back on the days, recent still in the memory of half the planet, when we could expect summers to be hot and dry, not unpredictably rainy. Or worse, stormy, beset with sudden typhoons that kill thousands of people in its wake.

There are so many examples in literature, words coined to express man’s desire to find this perfect world, this paradise. We have all heard the words “utopia,” “Shangri-la’” “Arcadia”  “Wonderland,” and yet, when Pastor Apollo Quiboloy tells us that it is already here, God’s heaven on earth, the new world, we reject it!  We reject the very idea that God could establish His Kingdom here on this earth.

Deep down in our heart, we know that we are stuck here in this ruined world. We know that our generation, and the next, and even the next after that, may never see the reversal of global warming and its tragic effect on people’s lives. We are quietly hopeless. We know that only a true miracle can reverse our present reality.  

But Pastor Apollo is here, telling us that God is here among us, implementing His original plan in Creation, reclaiming the world for His children, His sons and daughters. He is promising restoration. And what do we do? We attack him. We call him all manner of names. We destroy him on social media, led by religious leaders themselves who should, first and foremost, recognize who this man is.  Instead, they are leading the mob at the lynching, crucifying him. Just like what the Pharisees and the Sadducees did to Jesus Christ.

People rail against God every day. We say that God has abandoned us because when we look at the world we live in, the terrible human conditions and the pervasive greed and evil everywhere we turn, we cannot understand how God could allow it.  If God was truly the owner of this world, would we not live in peace and prosperity, in harmony and love? Would not forests be lush with trees and rivers alive with fish? Surely, we would not live with fear in our heart for our present and future?

So it’s painfully obvious that Satan Lucifer devil is the sole proprietor of this earth. In his every message, Pastor Apollo tells us that Satan is a thief whose sole mission is to steal, to kill, and to destroy. He stole the earth from Adam and Eve when he deceived them in the Garden. The deception set in motion man’s downfall even before he had the chance to populate the earth.  In effect, Adam and Eve, and all their progeny, lost OWNERSHIP of the world. 

Ownership is the vital factor and the reason why the world is as it is. From Adam’s hands, ownership of the earth passed into the hands of the devil. And he turned it into his own special theater of suffering.

In his every preaching, Pastor Apollo repeatedly reveals that we were meant to own this earth. We were meant to live in Paradise forever as rulers of the earth. Man would still have multiplied, but he would not have destroyed the earth. He would have remained in a state of innocence in the Garden, knowing only one thing – to obey the Father’s Will. And God’s will says: Take care of the planet. Man would not have hacked down trees, killed animals to extinction, poisoned our waters, or stolen from his brother.

But as soon as Eve took that first fateful bite of rebellion against God’s Will, humanity was doomed.  We lost communication with Him. And as soon as that happened, we were undone. Unable to hear the voice of the infinite and all-knowing God, we lost the wisdom to do good to this world entrusted into our hands.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy the New Owner of the World

So when Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy boldly told the world, “I am the New Owner of the World”, he is only giving humanity what it wants, what we can only dream about. But in terms that none of us ever expected, in a way that shocked and rocked religion and denomination. No one could have ever foreseen this turn of events.

But just because it is completely different from what we were taught to expect,   it does not mean it is wrong, or impossible. Did not our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, defy the expectation of the Jews? They expected a king to come in splendor and military might to save Israel from her enemies. But God’s ways are not man’s ways. Instead of a mighty king, the Messiah was born in a humble manger, the son of a carpenter. His coming and the redemption He offered was spiritual, not physical. The Kingdom that He spoke about was not the earthly kingdom that the Jews wanted. And because they could not accept it, what did they do when He came?  They crucified him on the cross as an impostor.

Even now, Pastor Apollo keeps telling the world that all the revelations that he is revealing today are all spiritual first before any of it could ever be physical.

Ownership of the world? It is a spiritual ownership first. The physical always follows after the spiritual.

Restoration of the earth? Peace? Equality? Yes, all those will happen. In fact, it is already happening inside Pastor Apollo’s Kingdom Nation where His Will is already being implemented.

If anybody from the outside would only bother to look inside the Kingdom, he would be surprised to see that all these are already taking place. While the world is tearing itself apart, each with their own personal agenda for power and dominance, the Kingdom Nation of the Father thru His Son is only getting bigger and stronger every day.

Pastor Apollo’s Glory Mountain was a denuded mountain before. Now it is planted today with thousands of pine trees, the very epitome of nature restored.

Girl power? In the Kingdom, women are leaders, respected and never degraded. Women here are never, ever exploited.

In the Kingdom, you are merited by your faithfulness, never by your name or your money. Not even by your talent.

There is no personal agenda in the Kingdom, everyone’s heart and mind are directed towards what is good for the Kingdom, truly one nation with one heart and one purpose. Everyone is each other’s brother or sister.

Life in the New World

Kingdom citizens don’t worry about how they will live from day to day, because everything is provided by the Father through His Son – food, clothes, houses, and yes, even cars and gadgets. Communal living at its very best. There is no squalor, no poverty. People live in prosperity.

Happiness and contentment? Kingdom citizens have it in spades. There is no such thing as a rat race in the Kingdom culture. There is no such thing as dog eat dog. The words “downtrodden” “underdog” “oppressed” does not apply to anyone.  All the fruit of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23 – love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance – these are the laws written, not just on paper, but in the heart and mind of its citizens. Who then could be the oppressor? When you are one, you are considered a breaker of the law – a criminal. 

Now, can you imagine if this same thing is allowed to replicate all over the earth? It could and it would. And it is happening. If you want to be part of it, then open your heart and your mind to the preaching of the Appointed Son of God. Listen and pray. And you will understand. It will all become as clear to you as the noonday sun. And you will find joy. And you will laugh at yourself because it took you so long to get it. And you will fall on your knees and thank the Father that now you understand the true meaning of His grace and salvation. And finally, you will understand who Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is, the Appointed Son of God, the New Owner of the World.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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