In a recent episode of Give Us This Day, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God, drew a very clear picture of how the power of Satan Lucifer the devil is waning in this world.

During the hour and a half exposition on television, he explained how enlightenment will come to multitudes of people around the world because the devil’s hold upon this earth has finally expired. His power has finally come to an end. And this happened on June 17, 2018.

In his delivery of the Word of God on June 17, during the Sounds of Worship program, which is a live broadcast of the Kingdom Nation’s thanksgiving and worship presentation, Pastor Apollo announced to the whole world that the cut-off point of the Father’s tolerance of man’s unrighteousness and malignity had finally come to an end. The day of God’s wrath had come.

In an angelic visitation just before 1:00 a.m. on the same day, the Father told him that the Father has taken the Son’s name as His New Name, thus, anyone who slanders, defames and desecrates the New Name of the Father will face judgment.

“Before June 17, 2018, they were doing that with impunity. They persecute me when they want, malign me when they want, step on my back and on my neck and make me like a doormat as they want,” says Pastor Apollo. “For 33 years, they did that.”

But the Father forgave them, he says, because such is His compassion, His mercy, His kindness and the riches of His goodness that he gave man a chance to repent of his unrighteousness.

“For 33 years the Father just let it pass. He just looked the other way. And as it is said in Acts 17, He winked at their ignorance. But now He said, ‘That’s enough! You will be held accountable. You will pay for it with your soul,’” he explains.

According to the revelation, any attack upon the name of His Son is an attack upon the spirit of the Father, and therefore an unforgivable sin. (Matthew 12:31-32).

The end of the reign of Satan


Pastor Apollo Quiboloy describes this demise of Satan’s power as like the dissipation of darkness as the sun rises in the dawn of a new day to dispel the night. And as it rises, the sun shines brighter and brighter until it is as bright as the noonday sun and darkness is no more.

“This is how humanity was before,” says the Son. “Man was in the grave of sin. He was shrouded in the darkness of deception. And all he knows is the deception Satan Lucifer the devil had inculcated in this world. He could not see the light. Even if you explain it to him, though he hears it, he could not understand it.”

“And what is that deception? It is man thinking that he is saved in his religion and denomination but he is not. It is man thinking that what he is doing is righteousness, but it is not,” says Pastor Apollo. “Man could not see the light of wisdom and understanding of the truth because he was in bondage to darkness. He was in a prison house.”

He illustrates this spiritual bondage with the physical bondage of the Israelites in Egypt. For 400 years, the chosen people were enslaved to Pharaoh, waiting for the salvation that the Father would give them against the Egyptians.

“They were like the dead. They were enslaved. They had no freedom to worship the God that they know. They were in the grave of darkness until the Father produced a body in the person of Moses who was sent to deliver God’s people out of Egypt,” Pastor Apollo expounds.

It is the same today, the Son says. The Father has already sent His Appointed Son who is bringing the light of the Word of God to this world in darkness.

“And yet, those who do not belong to the chosen ones are cursing the light,” says Pastor Apollo.

But those who listened to the Son’s message got out of their graves of sin unto the resurrection of life.

When the Son was introduced to the world by the Father on September 13, 2003, his mission was to announce to the whole world that the Son is already here.

“And I have been doing that for all these years. I have been telling the world that the Son is here,” says Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. “I have been announcing, ‘The Son is here!’”

Two years after his introduction to the world as the Son, the Father declared the end of the days of man, and the beginning of the Day of the Lord on April 13, 2005.

This meant that the government of heaven is already set upon the Earth, ready to take over. It meant that Satan had but a short time left, that he was no longer the god of this world, and that his power and hold upon this world was coming to an end.

“April 13, 2005, the Father was really saying to Satan Lucifer the devil, ‘Gather all of your forces, because you will be eased out of this world. My government is already here, the Son that will take over is already here. I will rule through him,’” he explains.

And Satan is so angry. He is so mad, says the Son. He knows that his time is limited. And that is why the persecution, the malignity, the attacks against the Son has been so intense in recent years, says Pastor Apollo.

“It is his last ditch effort to stop me from accepting the revelation that was to come. And it is now here, June 17, 2018 – the final easing out of Satan Lucifer the devil’s rule upon earth,” explains the Son.

Enlightenment will come to the Multitudes


But Pastor Apollo Quiboloy says that all of these is happening in the spiritual world where people don’t see it. “You don’t see it with your own eyes. The world you see outside is still the same. It hasn’t changed, but don’t be mistaken. In the spirit, all of this darkness is going out.”

“If God Almighty would open your eyes, you will see all of these demonic forces being eased out, they are being pushed away by the angels of light,” he says. “And they are sweeping away all of these forces of darkness that deceived the world, including Satan Lucifer the devil.”

And just as the light of the sun rises up in the morning so that darkness is no longer dominant, the message of the Son, which is the sun of righteousness, is beginning to rise. It is enlightening the whole world.

“So don’t be surprised when people who have hated me will come and repent, when people all over the world, masses of people will be enlightened and will come to see the Son,” says Pastor Apollo.

“And they will come in droves as they see the rising of the sun of righteousness. They themselves will be surprised when before they did not believe the message of the Son, but now it is so clear to them,” he explained.

Those people will automatically accept his message, they will repent and have a new spirit, and they will become sons and daughters of the Father.

“And this is because darkness is no longer prevalent. Unlike before when the Kingdom of Heaven was still very small, just a needle of light in a world of darkness, when you explain it to them, to you it is so clear, but to them, it is unacceptable, they could not understand it,” says the Son.

“But now it is the other way around. You don’t have to explain much. They will just come. There will be a sudden change of spirit, not only of one man but of multitudes around the world. They will be enlightened,” he describes.

And this, says the Son, is what is happening in the world of darkness today, since June 17, 2018. It is now becoming the world of light by the Appointed Son of God.

“And all those who will not accept my message by their own choice cannot open their mouths, they will not be dominant anymore,” says the Son, “But those who will become sons and daughters, who have used their freedom of choice to obey the Father’s will no matter what, just like me, they will be the dominant force upon this Earth.”

This, he says, is the fulfillment of the Testaments.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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