The measure of greatness in the Kingdom of God is by service to the Father. In the Old Testament times, the prophets or messengers of God are introduced by their ministry or service to the Lord. In 2 Kings 3:11, the prophet Elisha was introduced before the King as one who poured water on the hands of Elijah. So simple are the ways of the Lord.

In our time now, this simple system of the Kingdom is continued so that everyone may be great in the sight of God. He has given us great wisdom so that all who wants to be saved and enter the Kingdom has only to obey the command of John 3:5. We need to be born again in water and in the spirit because our old spirit is disobedient to the Will of the Father. After you have repented and have received the new Spirit from the Almighty Father, the old spirit will die and sin has no more power over us. After you have entered His Kingdom, the Lord will give you a ministry in service to the Appointed Son. You are great then and known to the Father by this ministry.

The following are the ways to be great in the Kingdom of God:

A. Ministry or Service to the Lord (Luke 22:24-27)

What is counted here is not what you do but how you do it. The Lord states conditions whereby you become great in the Kingdom of God. How did you perform your service to the Lord? How did you carry your responsibilities?

B. Humility in Service (Luke 14:11)

We will do all that we have to do to be humble in our service to the Lord in order to become an instrument for the salvation of others. Humility is the rejection of the extreme giving of importance to ones self. Here, one should always think that others are much better than oneself. Humility is to give importance to the Lord Jesus Christ and His will above all else.

C. Absolute Obedience to the Commandment (Matthew 5:19-20)

To be great in the Kingdom, one has to be obedient to the Will of God, accompanied by love. The Lord considers the Obedient as wise, while the disobedient as foolish. To the disobedient, when trial and afflictions come he will be overcome and will lose his faith. Because those who are sincerely offering their lives to the Lord, will go through various temptations, afflictions, problems to test their faith and commitment.

Obedience brings blessings according to Deuteronomy 28:1-13. Even though the obedient will not labour, the blessings will overtake him. But for all the disobedient, no matter how much he labour, the blessings do not come. (Deuteronomy 28:15-45)

Love your Ministry, be faithful to the Almighty Father like the Appointed Son.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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