It’s a cold December night in Tamayong. He is standing right beside the glass windows, staring down the very spot where the snow is falling from the pink mansion. Mascots and little children are frolicking in beds of white foam, others dancing, jumping, running, cavorting in wild abandon as their parents capture the moment of innocent bliss with their phone cameras.

The Villages - Christmas Season

He is standing out there in the dark, inconspicuous in jacket and baseball cap. Streaks of light from the posts outside reveal the sheer joy and delight on his face. He is there as if lost in a flood of thoughts with his eyes glued to the happy children for several minutes until his guests entered the dining hall and the lights are turned on.

“Just seeing how happy these children and their families are is enough consolation for me. Their joy is priceless. No amount of money could buy the happiness of a child.”

That is Pastor Apollo Quiboloy up close and personal. Away from the limelight. Away from the public’s prying eyes.

What brings joy to every child is what makes him happy. Thus the name of the Children’s Joy Foundation.

McDonald's KJC Lunch for the kids

When he gives, the sky’s the limit. When he dreams, he dreams on how he could better the lives of more destitute children. When he plans, he plans for the neglected ones’ future. Whenever he travels and sees excellent facilities in first world countries, he remembers every single detail of it and wants it replicated for third-world children and youth to experience.

Hakot tinapay! Thank you Pastor!

His Ministry of Compassion is centered around the underprivileged children for he was once like them. And so for several years that Pastor Apollo has been changing the lives of thousands of children in the Philippines and all over the world, he has become a father figure to countless of boys and girls who never forget to send him birthday cards every 25th of April. Most of these are customized children’s artworks that speak volumes of how these children love and appreciate the Man who has shown them the real meaning of Love.

To our Model, Mentor, Father, Hero and Guide, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, happy happy birthday!

Thank you for showing us what unconditional love truly is. By your love, you have changed us, and continue to change this world one child at a time. 

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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