The Kingdom is united. We are in 200 countries, 2000 cities with 7 million members and growing. Not one is going against the Will of the Father. We are like an engine in a machine. If you open the engine of a car or a helicopter, you will see many parts. You will be shocked because there are like millions of moving parts – big and small but they are all moving together in unity. If they are not united, the car or chopper will crash. That is how it operates in the Kingdom.

We are 7 million Kingdom members and all of us have transformed to sons and daughters like Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. We came from different countries with different nationalities, and different educational background. Some came from the high society. Some from the middle class, while some are from the low class community. But all of us have one loyalty and unity, believing in the Father through the Appointed Son.

We are one body, with one head. There are many moving parts. Some are moving independently from the others, but we are all interconnected.

We, in the Kingdom, are one body. All of us are moving parts of each one, interconnected to each one. All of us move in unity under the command of a pilot, who is the Appointed and Anointed Son of God.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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