President Trump told the Mexicans,“You, Mexicans, you are sending your worst people here – drug addicts, kidnappers and rapists…”

You cannot say that to me because I am sending the best of my best to your countries, Kingdom missionaries who will spread righteousness so that your country will be blessed.


Lending to many nations does not only mean money. I am lending to many nations the righteous leaders of the Kingdom to continue to propagate righteousness to those lands—to America, to Canada, and all over the world.

When the Brazilians came to us, many of them were into sin, drug addiction and other vices, but they have changed their ways.

I am lending missionary leaders of the Kingdom to these nations so that righteousness can be implanted there and propagated. So when you see a Kingdom citizen, a Kingdom missionary worker going into your country, thank God for them because they are the seed of righteousness in that country. They are the leaven; they will leaven the whole lump.

How many Brazilians, how many Ecuadorians, how many Americans have come into the Father Almighty’s Kingdom and have changed their ways from within and are now the seed of righteousness in their own country? There are many, millions of them. So we bring blessings to all the nations of the earth. I lend unto them. I send unto them. I’m not greedy. I don’t let the Kingdom workers just stay in the New Jerusalem, but I send them to many places so that the people there can be taught how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  And then they will repent, become like us and multiply.

People of the countries of this world, thank the Father whenever a Kingdom missionary, a full-time worker goes into your country because I have lent them to you. They are the Father’s seed of righteousness in your country. They will not spread drugs or crime. They will spread righteousness, goodness, kindness, salvation, change from within, salvation for your soul.

Money is just a very small commodity to lend; it is people that is more important. I am sending the best of the best of my people to Ukraine. And when sisters and brothers from Ukraine come to the New Jerusalem, we train them so that they are changed from within. From devils within they become angels within because in this place, they will be sanctified, they will be made clean, they will be made holy, they will know the will of the Father and when they are sent back, they will spread the righteousness of the Father through the Appointed Son in their respective places.

In Ukraine, they told me, that there is a certain drug being abused amongst the youth, and one of its ingredients is chicken dung.

Sis. Tanya, who is with us here in the New Jerusalem, is one of the young people from Ukraine. She used to be the president of their school and she told me that all her classmates are addicted to this drug. They put this drug under their tongue; their gums swell-up and are ruined and they even lose their teeth. And her classmates, as young as 12 years old, are all addicted to it.

So we thank the Father that Sis. Tanya had decided to come to the New Jerusalem, to study here and become one of the Full-time Miracle Workers, and soon, when she is given back to Ukraine, she will be the one teaching those young people, “Don’t do that. Don’t destroy your lives.”

These persecutors, these criticizers of me, what are you doing? Are you doing what I am doing? Are you converting people to righteousness? If you are not, then you don’t have the right to criticize me because I am the most spiritual person in the world.

Do you know what the Word of God says? “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. (1 Corinthians 2:15)  I will permit you to judge me if you are more righteous than I am, but if you cannot be more righteous than I am, then come and listen to me!

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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