There is something about the Kingdom Light Congregation of Hong Kong that touches your innermost core. As soon as the Orchestra begins to play their opening piece, the atmosphere is filled with intense worship. It pierces through your heart.

Kingdom Orchestra of Hong Kong

This is an orchestra like no other – these are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers breadwinners, overseas workers who have left home in order to find greener pastures. They have endured homesickness and the pain of separation from their own children. They used to congregate in public parks come weekends and while away the day doing anything just to forget the pain and struggle of being alone in a foreign land.

Until The Kingdom of Jesus Christ ministry, led by Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, reached out to them and gave them new hope. For the past two decades, KOJC Hong Kong has been training and teaching OFWs in HK various musical instruments and hundreds of them are now part of the KJC Choir and Orchestra.

Sitting in close proximity with the members of the strings section, one cannot help but be moved by who they have become, by the tears trickling down their eyes, and the veined hands that speak of hard work and fortitude.

In their diaspora and bitter separation from their loved ones, thousands of these blessed souls have found hope, healing and salvation through the message of the Appointed Son of God, the Modern Moses in these last days, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Back in the early ‘90s the brave pioneers of the Kingdom Nation led by Pastor Apollo raised the Kingdom banner high in the former British territory. His life changing message has resonated with thousands in Hong Kong and although miles and miles away from their motherland, these sons and daughters have finally been led to their spiritual home.

On Sunday, May 12, 2019 Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy once again speaks before thousands in Hong Kong. Watch it live on Pastor Apollo’s Facebook Page and SMNI Youtube Channel.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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