Apollo C. Quiboloy as child
Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy as a seven-year-old boy

Under the sweltering summer heat, when all the coffee plants have dried up and the passing vehicles of the Chinese traders leave clouds of dust, Dodong, an eight-year-old fair-skinned boy, stands in front of the Chinese man’s store. Dodong doesn’t budge nor speak. He is too embarrassed. He’s been frozen right in front of Kiama’s Store for five hours, looking down at his wooden clogs and on the verge of tears. The Chinese store owner arrives and takes pity on him. “Why did you let the child wait for hours? Give him what he needs!”

The Reward

Kiama prepares a gantang of rice, some cans of sardines and a packet of udong before sending him home. The goods will tide him and his family over on another day of hunger. It is 1958.

This happened over and over again: Dodong, the youngest among the brood of nine, being sent by his parents, Jose and Maria and older siblings to borrow rice from the Chinese. “Every meal was a challenge,” Dodong recalls. “Sometimes, my mother was the one who would go from house to house to borrow rice, but there were days when she would go back home empty-handed.”

The Experience

Dodong knows exactly how it’s like to sleep hungry. “When we had nothing hot to drink in the morning and there were no more coffee beans. My mother would boil the coffee plant’s dried up roots. That’s how poor we were in Tamayong.”

That single act of kindness, although trivial to the Chinese store owner, had created a lasting impact on Dodong’s life. Today, Dodong is no longer the poor boy of Tamayong but is known as Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, a man who is blessed beyond measure and who shares his blessings to millions of children worldwide.

And by one man’s goodness, the seed of love was planted in his heart to help every child in need. For “love begets love” and one simple act of kindness can turn this world around.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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