The Girls of Melale

“I was 14 when I ran away from home. I was about to be married off to an older man just like other Dibabawon girls. My friend was only 9 when she was traded for a carabao. Another friend was traded for a horse at 12 years old. Our lives in Melale seemed worthless....

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A new world is already here

People can be so blind. And stupid. And prideful. And exasperating. For the longest time, ever since it became obvious that man is the cause of the destruction of the earth, we have longed for a better world to live in, one where there is peace instead of chaos,...

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Happy Birthday, Dear PASTOR!

It's a cold December night in Tamayong. He is standing right beside the glass windows, staring down the very spot where the snow is falling from the pink mansion. Mascots and little children are frolicking in beds of white foam, others dancing, jumping, running,...

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Internet addiction can lead to destruction

Living in this modern period may be fortunate because of the advancements in technology, especially the Internet. The Internet has simplified access to communication, transportation, medicine, and education. It has fast-tracked our day to day life and work. However,...

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Witnessing Pastor Apollo with my own eyes

I grew up hearing the name Pastor Apollo Quiboloy at home, from my family who were the first to enter the Kingdom. I remember that as a child of six years old, I would sing “God’s Kingdom,” trying to copy Sis. Jackielyn Roy as she sang the Kingdom anthem. But about...

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What it takes to be a True Kingdom Soldiers

TRUE KINGDOM SOLDIERS are brave-hearted, committed, with single-eye focus of mind. The uncommitted, unbelieving, fence sitters, and double-minded will never be soldiers. Why? They will only disappoint the Father, and they will disappoint themselves. True soldiers are...

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The Model of Genuine Love

Love is the only language that binds us. In this world full of hate and division, love shall bind us as one. That is why, as long as you are in need, Pastor Apollo is more than willing to give without asking for anything in return. For him, there is no criteria when...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, a different mold of hero

This year’s ACQ-International Children’s Day is going to be incredible. It is going to be more wonderful than last year and the year before that. This amazing event gets only bigger and better each time. For the past 14 years, on the day of his birthday, Pastor Apollo...

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King Is Coming Tour 2019 - Cagayan de Oro City

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