In a little over three weeks, on April 25, the whole world will once again witness the power of one man’s love to change the world.

Poverty is one of the common problems our society faces today. And it is the young ones, the children who are the most affected by this social condition.

We have failed our children when they suffer from poverty. Many of them are not able to go to school. They have a low sense of well-being, are deprived of many things in life, even the simple experience of celebrating their birthday.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the founder of Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc, knows how these children feel because he himself experienced being poor. He knows the pain and experienced trauma because of poverty as a child. He knows what it is like to go to sleep hungry and to face each day with uncertainty.

This is what impelled Pastor Apollo to build the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. He wanted to give children a chance to chase their dreams by sending them to school for free, clothing them and feeding them. He has even given them a home they can call their own where they are cared for, protected, and loved.

The love and compassion in Pastor Apollo’s heart never waned through the years. About 14 years ago, he dedicated his own birthday, April 25, to the poor and started the ACQ International Children’s Day. He called it their ‘adopted birthday’.

Welcome to Sonshine Land

On this day, thousands of underprivileged kids get an all-out, spectacular, and unforgettable theme-park experience. It began in the Philippines, but now, Pastor Apollo is making this day possible in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Truly, Pastor Apollo is a man of infinite love. He believes that once a child experiences genuine goodness, that goodness will stay in him forever.

He also said that the kindness, goodness, and love we have invested in these children are seeds that will grow and germinate in their hearts. One day, they too will spread this love to others in the world.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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