“Psychotic!” Pastor Apollo Quiboloy said of his bashers in a broadcast of his SPOTLIGHT program recently.

“On the verge of insanity!” he declared. “These people like to laugh and make fun of me, but their insides are burning with rage because they cannot take the truth that I speak.”

“Why do they laugh?” he expostulated. “They laugh because they feel the pain when I hit them hard, when I hit the disobedient spirit that is in them, and they cannot take it. They laugh because if they do not laugh, they will go crazy!”

Pastor Apollo describes a psychotic individual as one who presents a normal and laughing exterior, but hell is in their inside, and they are plotting to kill you.

“These people kill me with their words, with their bitterness, with their hatred,” the good pastor asserted. “But I am not affected. Has their laughter made me any less than the Appointed Son who obeys the Father’s Will? Has it made me weak or ineffective?”

“No, it has not! Even if a billion monkeys, even if every liar, every disobedient person, all the goats and the unrighteous laugh at me, I am still the Appointed Son of God. I am still the Lion of Judah!” declared the Son.

As always, the issues of spiritual truth are at the center of the bashing and maligning against Pastor Apollo. Even at his earliest calling more than four decades ago, he has been slandered and badmouthed when he began to preach a message different from the teaching of the Church Age of religion and denomination.

“These people will never grasp or understand my message because my words are only for the spiritual, only for the Father’s sons and daughters,” Pastor Apollo attested. “Unless the Father gives them the wisdom to understand it, it will only be so much drivel to them.”

“And so they laugh at me and malign me,” Pastor Apollo said. “But I will heal them. I will heal your psychosis with the truth of the Word of God.”

He told his detractors that when they are hit by the truth, it is better for them to repent so that they can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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