A texter on a recent Give Us This Day episode attacked Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, commenting that if Pastor were truly Jesus Christ, he shouldn’t need to read from the Bible anymore.

Quoted (Visayan): Ug tinood gyud ni sulod si Kristo sa lawas ni Quiboloy, ngaunu ug magwali siya mubasa ba siya ug sitas? Tanan na mugawas kay Kristo na pulong gikan sa Amahan. Si Quibooy dili na unta mubasa. (If Jesus Christ has truly entered into the body of Quiboloy, why does he still read verses when he preaches?  Everything that came out of the mouth of Christ came from the Father. Quiboloy should not need to read anymore.)

In answer, Pastor Apollo lambasted the texter, saying that the issue is not in whether he reads the Word of God or not. “If your issue is reading or not reading…” he shrugs eloquently. “The issue is not there. The issue is in obedience to the Word of God.”

Pastor Apollo, leader of the 7-million strong worldwide congregation of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, and the Appointed Son of God, criticized his detractors for issues that have no bearing upon salvation. “The question is did you obey the Word of God?”

He said that he will not cater to public opinion.

“This reminds me of that story about the father and son who was walking along the road pulling a donkey. They passed by a group of people who said, ‘How stupid they are! They have a donkey but they do not ride it.’

“When they heard this, the son said, ‘Father, go and ride upon the back of the donkey.’ So the father did so. Thereupon, they came upon another group of people, who said, ‘What a terrible father. He rides while his son walks.’ So upon hearing this, the father and son exchanged places, with the father now walking, and the son now riding the donkey.

“In a little while, they passed yet another group of individuals, who then said, “What a terrible son. He rides but lets his old father walk.’ So the father said, “Ahh, let us both ride the donkey!” And so doing, they came upon another group, who said, “How terrible they are. They are so heavy and have no mercy. How pitiful the donkey!”

When the heard this, the son asked, ‘Father, what shall we do?’ The father answered, “Come, let us carry the donkey!”

Inevitably, father and son came upon another group of people who said. ‘Oh, how stupid they are! They have a donkey to ride, but instead they carry it!” “So that is what happens when you listen to public opinion,” Pastor Apollo said with humor. “You cannot please everyone. So in this ministry we please only One, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ by obeying His words.”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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