Matthew 3:2, Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15

Repentance is the Key

Repentance is a simple word. But in the Kingdom of God in Heaven and on Earth, repentance goes beyond feeling sorry for a transgression committed. In the Kingdom, repentance is a covenant, an agreement between God and man. It is a promise and commitment that a man makes to the Father Almighty, using his freedom of choice, when he says, ‘Not my will Father, but Thy Will be done in my life’. Repentance is the key for you to be able to enter to the Kingdom of Heaven.

How to Repent?

Absolute and genuine repentance requires a surrender of the old spirit of rebellion and disobedience, that serpent seed of Satan, that was planted in the heart of mankind when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. It entails a dethroning of that old spirit and the enthroning a new one – the spirit of obedience to the Father’s Will.

Who to listen?

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy teaches that only when genuine repentance happens, only when every trial of fire and testing to dislodge the spirit of obedience newly implanted in man’s heart is overcome, can the broken relationship between man and God be restored.

Only then can he or she be called a son or a daughter of the Father (John 1:12).

Without repentance, everything else – all doctrine, every tradition, every casting out of demons, all prophesy, every grand and lavish cathedral built, and every man-made by-law is moot. The Father Almighty will only recognize those who have obeyed His Will (Matthew 7:21-23).

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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