Years ago in Villamor St., Agdao, a member of the New People’s Army (an armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines) approached our Beloved Pastor. He toted his gun at his waist trying to intimidate Pastor. He demanded financial support from the ministry or else he will do the unimaginable.

Davao then was called the Nicaragua of Asia due to the rampant vigilante killings particularly in Agdao which was called ‘Nicaragdao’ when the ‘Alsa Masa’ sparrow units began liquidating the NPAs.

We were in the midst of this carnage and violence. People got killed on broad daylight. Pastor Apollo would pray over the dozens of dead bodies in a day.

But when the threat to his life and the Kingdom workers came, he did not fear.

The Kingdom Ministry was so small at the time and we had nothing to give. But even if we had the money, Pastor will never bend his knee in submission. He’s always been fearless from the very beginning.

The NPAs started harassing our ministers thereafter. But Pastor instructed them to never cow in fear. They had to continue conducting Bible studies from house to house notwithstanding the threat to their lives. The communist rebels warned us to stop sharing the Word of God but never did we stop.

Pastor gathered all the male members and workers every 12 midnight and bonded in strong prayers, rebuking all forces of the enemy in such a loud and powerful manner.

The more that we were threatened the more that Pastor became bold. These rebels were lawless and fearless in those days. Their members were being told to kill their own family and loved ones.

The Ministry was unknown and had less than 20 members at the time. We had no voice. We had no stronghold but our unwavering faith and trust in the Almighty Father with the Appointed Son of God leading our way.

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy has always been the same person that he is today. When it comes to standing up for righteousness, he is bold. He is fearless.

He knows he is sent by the Almighty Father and this is enough for him to stand up to his enemies.

He sees nothing but the salvation of souls. His eyes are focused on the Father’s mandate in his life.

I am a living witness how from time to time, Pastor Apollo would be in the most impossible and difficult situations but the Father always provides a way out. He’s always been our Deliverer.

In my years of faithful walking with the Appointed Son of God, I could no longer count with my fingers the many times we faced our Red Sea of Impossibility. But for always, Pastor remains unhindered. He stands boldly with wings spread mightily even in the midst of the thunderstorm. Never did I see him in a corner with ruffled wings.

Even when he was a young evangelist in his denomination, fearlessness is embedded in the heart of our Beloved Pastor.

In attending a three-night conference one time in Aklan, Pastor, who was a young preacher, received a death threat on his first night of preaching. He was told to leave the place the next day but he thought it was an empty threat.

The next night, machete-wielding men came to kill him. The members of his former denomination grabbed Pastor Apollo and hid him somewhere. The villains were running like horses around the house. Pastor found out later that the four men were trying to find the door to come in because they knew he was inside.

The clotheslines snapped because the men chasing him would hit the wires. They were chasing each other like horses running around the house. The four men who tried to kill our Beloved Pastor could not find the door of the house!

Pastor further narrates the story, “We were inside with this official in the denomination I was in before. We were praying. He was praying. I was hearing him pray. He prayed all the prayers he knew. He spoke in tongues, he cried and then he prayed again. I was wondering. I said, “If this is the end of me, so be it. I have my boots on, I am working for the Almighty Father.” But I asked the Father to take the terrorizing fear out of my heart. I told Him, “Father, don’t let me be terrorized by these people.”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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