Truly, a heart that loves is a heart that gives. Pastor Apollo loves amidst all the misfortunes, he loves despite all the hate, his love is unconditional. He loves the children so much because he knows that a child should have great memories to colour his life with positivism and love that would make him a good person and contribute productively to the society.

People nowadays are also suffering the curse of poverty. Every meal is a challenge for those children who have been deprived of the good life they deserve. Yet, despite the bitter reality, a man of action, showed his deep compassion, kindness and love to those unfortunate children. That is why, when Pastor Apollo was blessed by the Almighty Father, he never forgot to share his blessings with the people, especially the children who need it most. Indeed, it takes a compassionate heart to cater millions of children and it takes true love to make their dreams come true.

Pastor Apollo is truly the model of genuine love. He cares for others, sacrifices for others, gives himself for others but does not expect anything in return. This is the kind of love that we all need.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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