Since Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy started to preach his messages more than 40 years ago, he often talks about true circumcision of the heart.

In the Old Testament days, circumcision was an essential part of being a Jew. It was an indispensable part of being a member of the chosen people of God. The act of circumcision was undertaken by the Jews as a token of entering the Covenant made between God and Abraham for all generations. But in the New Testament, circumcision was no longer of the body, but of the heart.

When the Almighty Father our Lord Jesus Christ came, He enjoined the people to repent because the token of the new covenant that the Father now sought was no longer a physical cutting away of the old skin but a spiritual cutting away of the old spirit of sin.

He said that the real Jew is he who is a Jew inside, and that circumcision is of the heart, in the spirit (Romans 2:29). But without repentance, without the full surrendering the human will, there is no circumcision of the heart. There is no cutting away of the spirit of sin.

Pastor Apollo teaches that the human will is the root of sin.

When Adam and Eve chose to disobey the Father’s command not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil found in the middle of the Garden of Eden, the human will became the god that they chose to follow.

Where before the only thing they knew to do is to obey the Father’s Will, now they could no longer hear His voice telling them, guiding them to do His Will. They lost their relationship and connection with God. The Father was no longer the God they followed. Their new god was themselves. They did what they wanted to do whenever they wanted to, interpreting good and evil according to them without consideration for what God wanted from them and for them. This is the very essence of sin.

And this is what humanity is until today – man following his own will because he does not know the Will of the Father.  He is ignorant of God’s righteousness. He lives only by what he believes to be right or wrong, not what the Father truly wants him to do.

Everything that human law and morality consider bad and evil in the world are the fruit of following the human will – the crime in the world, all the hate that mankind has for each other, all the greed that is the cause of war and discrimination, the lasciviousness, the envy and selfishness, the pride and what not.

Pastor Apollo’s preaching revolves around this spiritual truth. He teaches that this automatic obedience, this servitude to the human will must be cut away. It must be circumcised from the heart so that man can return to the original state of who they were in Creation knowing nothing but to do the Father’s Will. As Adam and Eve were before they fall, in a state of innocence.

However, for this to happen, it must begin with understanding this spiritual truth and choosing to repent by making a promise to God. When we do so, we enter into a covenant or a ‘contract’ with Him that from now on not your will but His Will be done in your life.

Thus begins a new life lived in obedience to the Father’s Will. Change begins to happen within as the Father begins to work in your spirit. And you begin to grow, gaining new understanding each day about what it is the Father wants from you.

The process, of course, is not instant. It requires a daily decision to follow through on one’s end of the agreement with God so that He can work in you to become like Him. It is an intense and fiery process that burns away the dross of disobedience in your life against the Will of God. And only one man has successfully and fully circumcised his heart to become the perfect Jew within, the perfect example and model, the Appointed Son of God in these last days. He is Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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