“I was 14 when I ran away from home. I was about to be married off to an older man just like other Dibabawon girls. My friend was only 9 when she was traded for a carabao. Another friend was traded for a horse at 12 years old. Our lives in Melale seemed worthless. People would kill people over trivial disputes. One day, somebody cut off my brother’s head after a heated argument. I was gutted upon seeing him lying in a pool of blood.

“Inday, a female cousin was given in marriage at age 15. Her life was hell. She was tortured non-stop by her sadist husband who was 10 years her senior. One day, her mother paid her a visit and saw her black and blue – covered with bruises from head to toe. She killed herself with a rifle pointing at her throat. She could not forgive herself for the misery she had wrought upon her daughter.

“I wanted to save Inday and myself from the hell we were in.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy with a smile on his face while preaching the Word of God in the midst of all the young people and whole kingdom nation all over the world.

“Running away from it all, I met a kind woman, a Kingdom citizen who introduced me to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy‘s preaching. I found refuge in the Kingdom. Soon, I brought with me my cousin. We left Melale and never looked back.

“It was in the year 2006. Melale has gone through devastation after Typhoon Pablo. The killings continued. But after all its dark days, Melale finally has seen the light. The mountains and valleys are back to their lush green state. The Kingdom Light Congregation of Melale was born. I feel hopeful for the young girls and boys that will be saved from such a miserable life my cousin and I had gone through.

“Perhaps, the Almighty Father heard my cries when I was a little girl. He is so great. He is so good. He sent Pastor Apollo in our midst. I could never thank Him enough.”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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