Excellence is a culture in the Kingdom Nation. It is a way of life. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has continuously emphasized not to settle for anything that is less than excellent. If results offered are less than the Almighty Father’s standard of excellence, then one has done nothing.

The Kingdom Nation prides itself as being excellent in every aspect. Kingdom Citizens always seek to please the Almighty by rising above one’s potentials and using one’s faith to go beyond limitations.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

Just last June 8, 2018, Pastor Apollo received multiple doctorate degrees from the Royal Institute of Singapore. The institution recognized Pastor Apollo’s extraordinary contribution and accomplishments in education, mass communication, environmentalism, humanities, management, philanthropy and peace-building among others.

“I was very surprised because I wasn’t really expecting to be recognized here. My aim is not really for awards, recognitions like that. My heart is only to please the Almighty Father in whatever I do,” Pastor Apollo said.

However, he also expressed his appreciation to the said institution for being the first to recognize his accomplishment.

“This recognition really made me feel like the Father was the one who finally used these people, the Royal Institute of Singapore, to recognize what we are doing. I am happy that I can be made an example for others to follow in doing what is good. The Word of God has said, “Be not weary in what you are doing because in due time, you shall reap,” Pastor Apollo shared.

Pastor Apollo’s receipt of multiple doctorate degrees, and the recognition of the Kingdom’s work in a global scale is a manifestation of the Kingdom Nation’s culture of excellence.

Excellence is a byword in the Kingdom. The Almighty Father accepts only works that produce excellent results, because if not, one has done nothing.

The culture of excellence works against the half-hearted, the ‘drift along’ and the ‘go with the flow mentality’. Excellence is observed because those who serve Him must only offer their ‘everything’ and produce results that He desires. He does not accept half-baked offerings.

Therefore, one should always aim to produce excellent results to please the Almighty Father.

Excellence in works is not accomplished overnight. It must be practiced until it becomes perfect and it becomes a lifestyle.

Excellence in the fruit of the spirit

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy repeatedly emphasizes that the first step to make excellence a way of life is to become be excellent in the spirit. In the Kingdom Nation, he says, one should walk in spiritual maturity. And to do so, one must put emphasis on the fruits of the spirit. One must practice and perfect it for it to become one’s lifestyle and spirit.

What are the fruits of the spirit?

The word of Father in Galatians 5:22-23 provides, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.”

Man has both a physical and a spiritual life. And to function properly, one must keep both healthy.

To keep our physical life healthy, we eat the right kind of food and exercise. And since we also have a spiritual life, we have the duty to keep it healthy also. But how do one keep one’s spiritual life healthy?

The fruits of the spirit provided in Galatians 5:22-23 are the gage to one’s spiritual health.

The Holy Bible gives us nine (9) fruits of spirit. To understand them better, these fruits are divided into clusters of three.

The first three fruits are love, joy and peace.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

The first cluster of fruits of the spirit refers to one’s personal life. These are one’s personal fruits. This refers to love, peace and joy that concerns you, within you. If you have peace, you have love; and if you have love, you have joy; then, you are spiritually healthy.

When you have peace within, wherever you go, you do not create trouble, but you create peace.

When you have love, you empathize with others. You know the needs of those around you and take care of that; you love others as you love yourself.

When you have joy, you infect others with light, positivity and a thankful heart. You have joy from within which exudes on the outside.

If one maintains these first three fruits as a personal lifestyle in the spirit, one is spiritually healthy.

The second cluster of fruits is longsuffering, gentleness and goodness.

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The second cluster of fruits refers to your relationship with others. You possess these fruits not for yourself but for others around you. You have long suffering for others, you are good to others and you are gentle to others.

If you possess such characteristics in the spirit, you’re healthy.

The last cluster of fruits is meekness, temperance and faith.

These fruits concern one’s relationship with the Almighty Father.

Meekness means you don’t treat anything you have as yours. It is owned by the Almighty Father so therefore you are going to use them only according to His Will.

Temperance is the quality of being in the middle, you are balanced in your personality.

Mentally balanced people are temperate. You do not go into extremes, extremely high or extremely low, you are always in balance.

And lastly, Faith concerns your belief or your walk with Him. It means that you do not limit the Father in what He can do because you believe that there is nothing impossible with Him.

To walk with the Almighty means that one must not show any unbelief, selfishness or intemperance.

The first cluster of fruits are directed to yourself. The second is directed to your fellows who are around you and the last three are directed to the Almighty Father.

Anything or anyone that keeps you down in those nine fruits defines you as spiritually sick. But if all the nine fruits of the spirit are present and they characterize your spiritual life, then you are healthy.

We must be excellent in our spiritual health by maintaining the spiritual fruits of the spirit. And Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is the perfect model of a person with a perfect spiritual health.  Pastor Apollo never grows tired of loving his fellowmen, even going as far as loving his enemies. Pastor Apollo is an advocate of peace. He creates peace wherever he goes. He has maintained all the nine fruits of the spirit.

And like Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, to be able to infect the world with light, we must first be excellent in our spiritual health. We should always check our spiritual temperature, check our spiritual endurance and righteousness. Righteousness always concerns the nine fruits of the spirit.

Excellence in everything we do

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If you are given a task, you must be excellent in the task entrusted to you. When you work, go back to what you did and check if it is excellent or not. If it is not, break it all down and do it again.

Physically, spiritually, that is the principle of excellence.

Again, if you are not excellent, you have done nothing. You must be excellent first in your spiritual health. Next, you should be excellent in your obedience, in your loyalty, commitment, and dedication. You must be excellent in everything.

Men and women in the Kingdom must have such mentality of excellence. We do not settle for number two. We always settle for number one, for the glory and honor of the Father Almighty.

Excellence and Discipline

Tribute to the King

Excellence entails discipline. The shift from mediocrity to excellence requires that 360-degree swing of change in attitude. When you decide to become excellent, you make a firm decision of standing up for the Will of the Almighty Father.

The Kingdom Culture of Excellence was provided in 2 Corinthians 7:1:

“Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

Filthiness of the spirit reflects on your image outside.

When you are clean from within, it will show up on the outside. What is seen from the outside is caused by spirit that dwells within. If you have a filthy spirit, it will show up in your eyes because the eyes are the window of the soul.

If you are clean within, the way you look at people will also be clean. But if you are filthy within, the way you look at people will also be filthy. If you are bitter within, bitterness comes out of your eyes. Hate comes out of your eyes. Trouble comes out of your eyes.

Remember that, the eyes are the secret of who you are inside. Our spirits must not be filthy.

Excellence requires one to have a disciplined mind.

A disciplined mind is a pre-requisite for good judgment. A disciplined mind sorts out all things. To be able to do so, one should be able to discern what is right from wrong. But an undisciplined mind is not capable of discerning things. It cannot distinguish right from wrong.  A disciplined mind is able to form the right thoughts because right thoughts produce right thinking. When we think right, then we also speak the right words.

There is no greater example of excellence than the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Pastor Apollo was sent to spread the gospel of truth and light to the world. He had been trained by the Almighty Father to advance the culture of excellence that He requires all His sons and daughters to possess because He only accepts fruits that are excellent. And as sons and daughters of the Father, we should always decide to be excellent for Him.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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