When Pastor Apollo Quiboloy says, “I am the Appointed Son of God,” he is simply stating a spiritual truth. But the world cannot believe, accept or understand this.  There is an angry, violent, vehement and even vitriolic reaction and resistance to him from the Christian world.

Exposing and Destroying the Antichrist

Stuck as they are in old belief systems, in the traditions and doctrines of their religion, in their preconceived notions about God and heaven, anything and everything that Pastor Apollo says is offensive and objectionable to them. They call him “delusional” simply because he exposes all their beliefs as the deceptions that they are.

One by one, like cancer tissue, Pastor Apollo has cut-away the layers of deceit. Hurtful, yes. Painful, of course! But like all surgical operations, physical or spiritual, all are necessary. All require the spilling of blood. Violence of a sort. As the Brits would put it, all are bloody necessary!

Exposing and Destroying the Antichrist

Through his preaching on TV or through the Internet, Pastor Apollo has presented to the whole world a clear explanation of what the Bible really says. All are explained in terms that even a child would understand.

If you are a Christian you know that it is true when I say that for the majority of the Christian world, particularly for Catholicism, the biggest religion in the world, the Bible holds very little interest to us. Bible stories we know and understand. We grew up with the story of Creation, the story of Samson and Delilah, the story of David and Goliath, and of Joseph and his many-colored coat. But they remain just that – stories. Stories that may have nuggets of wisdom that we acknowledge as good; that show examples of heroic Bible deeds, but still, are just stories. They have little bearing on our day to day life. The deep spiritual meaning of these stories escapes us. And we don’t care. The Bible just isn’t important enough to have any bearing on the way we live.

Whether we accept it or not, Christians have a very shallow understanding of the Will of God. And those that do study the Word of God like priests, pastors or deacons, refuse to listen when someone like Pastor Apollo comes and tells us exactly where we went wrong. He tells us the truth about salvation. He tells us that he is the Appointed Son of God, the first of many who will come, who will become like him, a son or a daughter of God. He tells us how to repent and follow his example. How hard is that to believe? How hard is it to listen? Don’t we all want to be saved and enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Is pride preventing us from listening to the wisdom that will save our soul from hell?

When you watch Pastor Apollo on TV, you will see that there is no vitriol in him. There is no malice; no intention to purposely insult or hurt. Here is a man shining with the glory of the Father on his face. In his TV programs, he laughs away his detractors, praying even for their enlightenment. He preaches his messages with anecdotes that has his congregation laughing and tearful with joy. How can anyone attack a man like him, so obviously full of blessings and spiritual authority?

Since the very beginning of his ministry, Pastor Quiboloy has painstakingly presented to the world a paradigm shift of what the Christian world, or the Church Age as he calls it, believes about salvation.

Absolute Glorification of the Almighty Father through His Appointed Son & Year of Abundance and Blessings

Every year, the progression of the revelation of this gospel truth has only gotten steadily clearer, while never diverting from the basic requirement, which is repentance.

Repentance means that we must surrender our human will by making a promise to obey the Will of the Almighty Father in our life.  He has never veered away from this teaching. And yet, every year, his preaching reaches an even higher plane of knowledge and understanding about Jesus Christ, our Almighty Father, and fulfilling a thirst and hunger in our soul that we did not even know we had. Until he came and revealed it all.

Sadly, if you cannot accept his most basic teaching of repentance, how can you hope to understand all other revelations? How can you hope to understand what he means by being an Appointed Son of God? You can never hope to understand what he means when he says, “I am the New Owner of the World.” Definitely, you will never believe that you are a child of the devil, not of God.

If you cannot understand any of these precious spiritual truths, then as he always tells his detractors, it is not for you. It is only for the sheep and you are the proverbial goat. It is only for those who are called, chosen and proven faithful. It is only for the Father’s sons and daughters. Sadly, only sons and daughters will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You will not.

So open your heart while there is still time. The Ark of Salvation is still open. Listen to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. He is the only voice to listen to in these last days. Don’t believe it when people tell you that he is a cult, that he is a false prophet. If you are sincerely seeking the truth, ask the Father yourself who he is. Wouldn’t it be better to listen and judge for yourself?  Don’t wait for the day when you will regret your blindness and the stubbornness of your heart, but it is too late for you. You have reached your end. You may already be buried six feet below the ground, and like the rich man in Luke chapter 16, crying out to God for relief from the torments of hell.  You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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