When we talk about salvation, the condition is to become a son, to become the fulfillment of the Scriptures. But in order to reach this level, you have to be born again in the spirit of obedience to the Will of the Father first (John 3:5) through repentance. Repentance is surrendering your human will, surrendering you being a small god. Hence, there will always be a fight within you, between the small god and the big God.

If you will be tested and tempted, you can now resist the temptation. You can overcome because you have now your model – the Appointed Son of God – who was able to overcome all the test. How to do that? Listen to the Father the Lord Jesus Christ through the Son, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

As the Father Almighty revealed to His Son the end of the rule of Satan, many souls have been enlightened through the message of repentance being delivered by His Temple, His Audible Voice, who is now reigning in His throne of glory. This means the days of man are over; judgement is now taking place all over the world.

The Son came to expose and destroy the works of the devil. He is the gateway to heaven. He is the guidepost in obedience to the Will of the Almighty Father. He is the walking enlightenment and the manifestation of the Father’s revelation to us.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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