TRUE KINGDOM SOLDIERS are brave-hearted, committed, with single-eye focus of mind. The uncommitted, unbelieving, fence sitters, and double-minded will never be soldiers. Why? They will only disappoint the Father, and they will disappoint themselves. True soldiers are overcomers, dedicated, and willing to offer their lives for the master. They are unfearful like the Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

TRUE KINGDOM SOLDIERS are not babies that need sitters. They go into battle and are not afraid to lose their lives. They are brave and not afraid of criticism, oppression, persecution, and condemnation – who are not afraid of anything! They are focus on one cause, the cause of the master – the cause of Jesus Christ!

TRUE KINGDOM SOLDIERS are not fearful and weak-hearted. They will not cry in the midst of a spiritual battle. They will not pity themselves while the battle of persecution and criticism is going on. When they are standing and fighting in the spirit, they will not go in the corner then grumble and cry with a vague sense of letdown. True Kingdom soldiers are not weaklings!

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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