It was probably the most heart-rending and the most comforting experience you could ever have at the same time when the Man whom you have always looked up to as your Hero, your Leader and your Model as far as you can remember was on the verge of tears recalling a bitter, traumatic memory from his early childhood.

The Man whom you have always equated with fortitude, invincibility and pillar of strength was fighting off tears and at a loss for words. It was right then when you feel the pain pierce your heart and touch the core of your being that has probably been wounded just the same.

Have you slept with an empty stomach? Have you felt humiliated at one point in your life silently begging for help, struggling out of the pit of poverty in order to survive? Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy is a relatable everyman that has gone through what the poorest of the poor have to deal with every single day.

“The most humbling experience in my life was when I was a little boy, standing in front of the Chinese store for several hours, stupefied, too ashamed to even say anything, just looking down, wanting to cry, until one man from that store saw me and gave me rice and some canned goods.

“That was a traumatic experience for me but it has caused a positive effect on my life. My therapy is seeing every child happy, eating complete meals in a day, being taken care of. That is why I founded the Children’s Joy Foundation. In doing so, I find my healing from this scar. It is my therapy.”

When you want to be reminded how it is like to love unconditionally without expecting anything in return, look at the life of a man who has been quietly changing the lives of thousands and millions of destitute children through the years. One Man who at one point in his life has learned an unforgettable lesson that a single act of kindness could change someone’s life forever.

By mending broken hearts, lives and souls, he, too, has found his own healing.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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