What is the qualification for glorification?

John 14:6 says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and Life, no man cometh unto the Father except through me.” These are the words of Jesus Christ. Why are you using it, Pastor?

In the Gentile Setting, because I have been appointed as the Son, I have now inherited these Words and therefore, I own them as they are my Father’s. (Revelation 21:7)The Father and the Son are one, (John 10:30) so, when I speak these Words, I speak not of myself, but...
What is the qualification for glorification?

If the Rapture is spiritual why are you still in your physical condition, meaning you are still corruptible. Does it also mean the Rapture has not yet taken place?

Before the Rapture takes place in the physical, it should first happen in the spirit. If you believe my message, wherever you are, you are already with the Son. If you have accepted my message and you have repented, wherever your temporary body is, your spirit is...
What is the qualification for glorification?

Why did you say that judgment now is happening when there is no visible angel? According to the Bible, the good and bad are separated and the angels will separate all the good from the bad, including all those who died.

You do not have to see the angels to see that judgment is already happening because in the last days, He said in one of the Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven, He will send the angels and separate the wicked from the just. (Matthew 13:41) That is why there is separation...

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