In the Gentile Setting, because I have been appointed as the Son, I have now inherited these Words and therefore, I own them as they are my Father’s. (Revelation 21:7)The Father and the Son are one, (John 10:30) so, when I speak these Words, I speak not of myself, but the Father that lives in me. (John 14:10) 

When I say, “I am the Way, the Truth, and Life, no man cometh to the Father, which is in me, except they go through me.” Now, you are able to understand that those Words that are coming from me are actually coming from the Father using my body. He has chosen a body to represent Him. I did not choose Him, He chose me. So, let us wait whom He will the Father choose. 

In the Church Age, everybody presented themselves. They graduated from a Bible institution and then they presented themselves to the whole world, “I am the representative of Jesus Christ,” when Jesus Christ did not even chose them. They only graduated from Bible college, got a degree, then presented themselves to the public by saying, “I am the representative of Jesus Christ,” which actually is a misrepresentation of Him because He did not chose them. 

I was like that before because I was in the denomination. I thought I was already chosen. Then I heard His Voice when I was in Korea, He said, “I will use you.” Then He separated me and isolated me in two mountains and taught me. That is why I can say I did not chose Him, He chose me to represent Him.

Now, that He has produced a Son where He can live and deposit His Words in that Son, that Son will inherit everything the Father has. The Father now can walk and can talk through the Appointed Son. Fortunately as I said, I am that Appointed Son. Without a true body representing Him, any Tom, Dick and Harry can stand up and say, “I know how to preach. I am a representative of Jesus Christ.” But, when you listen to them, they misrepresent Him by the way they live, by the way they talk, by the way they preach. 

Just imagine, they say, “I am a representative of Jesus Christ,” and then preach that there are three gods. Jesus Christ is being misrepresented. Jesus Christ said, “I and my Father are one.” These people said, “No, they are separate, I and the Father are two. Jesus Christ and the Father are two.” Some teach, “They are three.” 

That is a gross misrepresentation of my Father. But He decided to have a Son from amongst the fallen Adamic race. He called me and He gave birth to me in Kitbog when He chose my Mother. 

Who is my mother? My mother is the Spirit of the New Jerusalem, which is the Spirit within me, the most beautiful Spirit in the sight of the Almighty Father for it says, “Not my will but Your Will be done.” 

My Father’s Spirit and my Mother’s Spirit came together and they produced me. That is why I am coming from the spiritual genetics of my Father and my Mother. Look at me, the way I talk. I extol my Mother and I extol my Father in the Spirit. I am the true representative of my Father. That is why as a Son, when I say, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me,” it is true because the Father has now chosen a Residence. And that Residence is not a servant but His Son. 

So, He rejected all of those bodies that have misrepresented Him. They were servants that misrepresented Him. He chose His own body, completed it, put it together, put knowledge, wisdom and understanding, everything that is in it. When it was completed from within, beautiful, holy, sanctified, then the Father lived in that body. 

Now, that body is here talking to all of His children that wants to join Him in Heaven. That is why I said, you do not have to die in order to go to Heaven, because the Kingdom of Heaven is already revealed here on this earth. He let His Kingdom come. If you pass through me, you pass through Him. You will know if you are going to Heaven or not. I am the standard for that. 

Now, that is speaking both of my Father and of me, as the Son. I can truly say, “I and my Father are one.” I, the Son is the body, and my Father is the Spirit within me speaking to you right now. We are one. I and my Father are one. 

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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