As I said, in the Day of the Lord, pockets of judgment will happen everywhere, anywhere, where you do not expect them to happen and they will happen suddenly. Typhoon Ondoy, all of a sudden, in minutes, water rose up. People did not have the time to pack. They were swept by the flood, “as it was in the days of Noah.”(Matthew 24:37-39) 

Typhoon Sendong that night, all of a sudden it was there. They did not have the time to pack. They were all swept away. Typhoon Pablo, Sandy, and many more, everywhere in the world, I do not need to prophesy. It has been revealed to me a long time ago. 

That is why I am here, warning everyone to leave your sinful life. Look at these people, they are greedy. It’s all for themselves. It is all “Me, me, me” “My, my, my profit.” That is all they need. Look at the devastation of the banana plantation, about 10,000 hectares, all were devastated, just like that. How much did they spend there? 80 billion Php. 

If only you had used that to help other people. If only you spent the half of it to the needy, half of it to plant more and more trees to replace those that you have cut to give way to your bananas. You have been monocropping. Can that stop the judgment of the Father? You spray chemicals generously to the soil, disregarding the welfare of the people because all you think is your profit. When the judgment will fall, that is what will happen. Surely you will have no profit. You will even go bankrupt. 

Can you see the wisdom of the Father when He has revealed to the Son all of these things? He is a spiritual person. The Son is not from the government. It is not his duty to plant trees. But he has formed and established the Sonshine Philippines Movement to plant trees whenever he can because the Father has already revealed it to him. 

Look at the situation in the foothills of Mt. Apo going to Calinan. It was a very sharp slope. Along the way are four barangays – Barangay Tamayong, Barangay Cauayan, Barangay Wangan, then Barangay Calinan. When the Son saw the situation there, where all of the trees have been cut off, he said, “There is a disaster waiting to happen.” When he went up there, all of those trees were already cut off and the forest was already denuded. 

The Son was up there one time, when we had not planted trees yet. It only rained a little bit, but he saw how the water gushed up towards the bottom in such a manner, that if it was a big rain or a storm or a supertyphoon, he told himself, “These barangays down there, along the way, will all be swept out in a large scale.” He saw it in a small scale, but the water was already gushing up, how much more if there is a supertyphoon. You will die if you are in the low level areas in case the rain will visit you. 

That is why in a hurry, the Son told all the Kingdom Citizens, “Let us plant all the trees that we can plant.” Thus, the Sonshine Philippines Movement was established, not only in Tamayong, but all over the Philippines, wherever we go because we love all people. 

If rains would come or typhoon would visit us and inundate those places without trees, it will soften the soil, it will melt the softened soil and then because it has no more solid foundation, the water will just push it down. Then the rocks will be revealed from the bottom. The rocks will also help in the pressure of water going down. When you have that mixed together with logs that had been cut off, debris and water seeks its level. In a large scale typhoon, the whole side of the mountain will cave down towards the low-lying areas with the barangays down there. They will all be devastated. 

This is what happened in ComVal. This is what happened in Davao del Norte, where a large scale devastation had happened. It happened in Albay where they already cut all the trees in the side of the mountains. One fourth of the side of the mountain just came down to them and covered the whole barangay including one school where all school children were there, about 500 poor children were buried alive. 

But right now, look at the Glory Mountain, big rain would come, I will be there, I have always been observing this, what happens is that all of the pine trees will absorb the water, and there will not be even an inch of rampaging water that you will see. 

Before when it was still denuded, water just goes rushing down towards the lower slopes. 

I thank the Father that through this, we will be saving a lot of people. A lot of efforts have been done by the volunteers of the Sonshine Philippines Movement, mostly Kingdom Citizens. That is what I am telling you. 

You are all about greed. You are all about profit. In these last days, you should listen. Let us be one. Let us not cut trees, instead, let us plant more and more trees. That is for your safety and that of your children. 

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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