1. Number one, you have to believe my message.
  2. Number two, you have to surrender and repent by saying, “Not my will from now on but Your Will be done in my life.”
  3. Come and find me or find a KLC very close to you and go to the steps of identifying yourself with our Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, through His Appointed Son here on the earth as the administrator of His Kingdom revealed on the earth today.
  4. You must identify yourself with His death, burial and resurrection: death, that is, repentance and surrender of your human will, death of your human will; and His burial, that is, baptism in water or burial in water. What is dead should be buried. And lastly, we identify with His resurrection, that is, we start our walk in the newness of life. You will have a new life of obedience to His Will only. You are born again with a new spirit, the Spirit of Obedience to His Will. This the true Born Again Experience.
  5. Be full of knowledge. Eat from the manna of revelation every day.
  6. Do not stay as a baby, an infant. Do not stay as a child, you must grow into the manhood I am talking about, that you will become like me, unto the third level of growth that you, one day, can also become a Son of the Father.

That is when you will inherit eternal life, like I did.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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