Number one is you repent and surrender that old serpent seed which is doing your will, which is against the Will of the Father. Repentance means you surrender to Him and do His Will from this time on. I am your guide. I’ll be here. 

Any other Will of the Father that has not been known by man will be known by His children because they will be written in their hearts and in their minds. They will be lifted from the written Word to become the Living Word implanted in our spirit, in our minds and in our hearts. The Father’s Will will automatically become our life, just as the serpent seed had become our life when we were born in the flesh. It’s also the same as we are born in the spirit. 

As we surrender to Him, the Father’s spiritual laws will be implanted within us – in our spirit, in our mind and in our heart. You will experience them when you become Kingdom citizens, sons and daughters of the Father. 

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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