You do not have to see the angels to see that judgment is already happening because in the last days, He said in one of the Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven, He will send the angels and separate the wicked from the just. (Matthew 13:41) That is why there is separation that is happening, even in this very moment, right now. 

Angels are doing their work in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth even though you do not see them. It is not important that you see them. If you see them, what? They are doing their work. They may not even talk to you if you see them. 

When I was in Tamayong, every day we saw angels, not only me, my mother and everyone that were with me saw angels sent by the Father. They do not talk to you. Their only mission is to do whatever it is that they do. 

So, the evidence or the sign of judgment is now happening, beginning April 13, 2005 in me, my Words, my message (John 12:48). It is severing the wicked from the just. If you are disobedient, you already know where you are going. If you are obedient, you come and you know, even before you die, that you are in Heaven. 

Before, in the denomination in the Church Age, you were promised Heaven after you die. Now, you do not have to die, you know if you are in Heaven or not, because the Kingdom of Heaven is already here on earth, today. I am the caretaker. 

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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