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What were you before you became the Appointed Son of God?

I was an ordinary guy like you. I was an evangelist of a certain denomination. I was a servant of God. They called me ‘the young and dynamic evangelist.’ I preached a minimum of seven times a day.  I fellowshipped non-stop, I was full of the Word, which was like...

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Is the Day of the Lord the Day of Great Tribulation?

It is the day of tribulation for the unrighteous, but not for the righteous, sons and daughters of the Father. As He has prepared before the Goshen for His people in Egypt, He is also going to prepare a physical and a spiritual place for us, and that place is already...

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Why did you say that judgment now is happening when there is no visible angel? According to the Bible, the good and bad are separated and the angels will separate all the good from the bad, including all those who died.

You do not have to see the angels to see that judgment is already happening because in the last days, He said in one of the Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven, He will send the angels and separate the wicked from the just. (Matthew 13:41) That is why there is separation...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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