Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Father really talk through dreams and visions?

There are many ways that the Father can reveal His will: one, through dreams and visions. It is Biblical. In the Old Testament, He revealed Himself to prophets and righteous men.  Even in the New Testament, He revealed Himself also by dreams and visions. But the...

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Out of so many religions today, what is the true one?

Listen to me and you will know the truth. The truth is the one who teaches the right way. That is why the Father sent His Appointed Son to teach you the right path to salvation so that you will not be confused. There is no other way for us to enter into the Kingdom of...

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How do I know that I am already saved?

You will only be saved if you have truly repented. This is my ministry as the Appointed Son. I am here to guide and direct all of God’s people who will come and follow the way of the Son to the Father. The first thing you do is make a choice. Make a choice to repent...

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How can man be reconnected with the Father?

We have lost our connection with the Father through the spirit of disobedience that was implanted within us. That is why when we are born in the flesh, we automatically inherit the sin of disobedience that sticks within us. (Romans 5:12) That is why we need...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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