Manna of Revelations

Freedom of Choice

Since the very beginning, the Kingdom ministry has experienced persecutions and maligning from unbelievers and skeptics. Yet, in the midst of oppression, the Kingdom has survived and even thrived to become one of the fastest growing congregations in the world....

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Who Should Not Serve the Lord?

The highest honor that can be conferred to a person in the Kingdom is to be called a son, a daughter— a child of God. And I thank the Father because He honored His Son, trusted His Son to be the bearer of His message of these last days. So I thank Him that from the...

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Abiding In The Lord

Entering into the New Covenant When we become Kingdom citizens, we enter into the New Covenant, where His Will is obeyed in our lives. We begin a life that glorifies the Father Almighty and our decisions, using our freedom of choice, is very important for our...

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