Manna of Revelations

Kingdom Culture of Unity, Blessings and Abundance

We are celebrating the 32 glorious years of the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. September 1, 1985 is a milestone in the Kingdom history. 32 years ago, we remember the day that the Almighty Father has brought us a deliverer, His Appointed Son, who has led...

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The Kingdom of God on Earth

The Kingdom of God of our Almighty Father is here on this earth today, where His Will is enthroned. Heaven is brought down here on earth where the Father’s Will is being done. The spirit here is characterized by the spirit of a Mother; the New Jerusalem. Matthew 6:10...

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The Spiritual Laws of the Almighty Father’s Blessings

The Father has blessed the Kingdom tremendously for the year 2017. I am thankful because we are true sons and daughters of the Father who do not need to kneel and cry for His blessings. When we are sons and daughters who are obedient to His laws, His blessings are...

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Exposing the Modern Antichrist

There is a war that rages around us, with two opposing forces wanting to take control of our minds. These forces aim to conquer us, to bring us into submission. Let us really take note of this because I’m not only talking to Kingdom Citizens, I’m talking to all people...

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Freedom of Choice

Since the very beginning, the Kingdom ministry has experienced persecutions and maligning from unbelievers and skeptics. Yet, in the midst of oppression, the Kingdom has survived and even thrived to become one of the fastest growing congregations in the world....

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Who Should Not Serve the Lord?

The highest honor that can be conferred to a person in the Kingdom is to be called a son, a daughter— a child of God. And I thank the Father because He honored His Son, trusted His Son to be the bearer of His message of these last days. So I thank Him that from the...

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Abiding In The Lord

Entering into the New Covenant When we become Kingdom citizens, we enter into the New Covenant, where His Will is obeyed in our lives. We begin a life that glorifies the Father Almighty and our decisions, using our freedom of choice, is very important for our...

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Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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