A jubilant crowd of sons and daughters welcomed The Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in a LIVE Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation at the Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, rounding off the King is Coming Tour Asia for the year 2019.

Over 200 hundred crusaders, including production crew and musicians, flew to Hong Kong days ahead of the Appointed Son, making the group one of the largest single organization in the Philippines to travel overseas this year.

The Hong Kong work, which began with a handful of members in the early 80’s has expanded all over the former British Colony and across Discovery Bay in little more than 3 decades. It is one of the most fruitful Kingdom Light Congregations (KLC) in the Kingdom Nation, producing spiritual soldiers in the Father’s Army of Goodness who are sent all over the world to become sentinels of light in newly opened transatlantic Kingdom ministries. 

A message of God’s Love

KLC of Hong Kong praising

In his message, Pastor Apollo first acknowledged the fruitfulness of the members of the congregation, recognizing their sacrifices not only for the work of the ministry but as overseas Filipino workers striving to earn a living for the sake of their families in the Philippines.

He reminded them that the Father Almighty in Heaven loves them and sees the prayers of their heart. He then expounded on the greatness of a God who is limitless and whose love is boundless.

“We cannot limit our God within a box because the horizon of the love of God is so unlimited,” Pastor Apollo explained.

He compared the unfathomable love of God to how the astronomers in all their exploration has never measured the length and breadth and vastness of the universe.

Quoting from a lines of a song, which he delighted the congregation by singing, Pastor Apollo illustrated the greatness of the Father whom we serve, saying: “God is greater than any tongue or pen could ever tell. His love is rich, pure, measureless and strong and it shall endure forevermore.”

His message for the world

Apollo Quiboloy preaching

The good Pastor also expounded on the Father’s calling in his life which began when his mother saw a vision on the day of his birth. She saw the image of God in the sky and heard a voice saying, “That boy is my Son.”

He went on to describe a highpoint in his calling when he heard the audible voice of the Almighty Father in a youth gathering in South Korea saying, “I will use you.”  This culminated in a period of decision and intense trial for one year in Kitbog and six years in Tamayong, after which he became equipped with all of the Father’s divine revelations.

And just like Moses and the Apostle Paul, called for a great purpose before him, Pastor Apollo said that he, too, had a message to carry for the salvation of mankind.  And his message today is the message of repentance, wherein God must once more be made the owner of our life – body, soul and spirit – and not Satan Lucifer the devil.

The Shepherd of our Soul

KLC of Hong Kong worshipping

Pastor Apollo described himself as the shepherd of our soul whose enemy in these modern times are the false doctrines meant to deceive the Father’s sons and daughters, and the Internet, which Pastor once described as the modern Anti-Christ.  

Using the illustration of a wolf sent out to devour the sheep, Pastor Apollo described the Internet as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” He warned the congregation against the dangers of the Internet.

“Inside your cellphone are many wolves,” he said. “If you are not careful, the cellphone and www.com are the portals to hell. Amid the buffet of good things you can see on the Internet are evil things that will cater to your curiosity, just like Eve.”

Continuing in this vein of preaching which he expounded thoroughly during the recently concluded 16th International Youth Congress in the New Jerusalem, Pastor Apollo said we must discipline ourselves against the pitfalls of our soul because when you get hooked it is very difficult to extricate you spiritually.

“Until your soul is gone and your spiritual life is dead and I will never see your body in the Kingdom anymore,” he warned.

He described the immorality found in the Internet today as an uphill battle, a strong current that he is fighting against. “So we must guard our mentality,” he said. “This is why the Father Almighty is cleansing our mind, not our eyes, because it is the mind that sees,” he added. 

And so to correct us as well as to defend us, Pastor Apollo said that the Son, as the shepherd, will use his rod, a symbol of authority to pull us in when we wander out of the way.

To the next leg of KICT 2019

The Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation concluded with Pastor’s prayer and many joyful songs of praise which was led by some of the Brazilian members of the crusade team and by the Kingdom Musicians.

The Consul General of the Philippines to Hong Kong and some of the other diplomatic staff came to join and celebrate in the special thanksgiving and worship presentation and meet with the Appointed Son.

The next leg of the King is Coming Tour 2019 will be in the Philippines for KICT Bacolod on June 16, KICT Cagayan on June 23, KICT Isabela on July 7, and KICT Digos on July 21.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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