Pastor Apollo Quiboloy had a delightful night of fellowship with the delegates of the 1st Kingdom Young Stewards and Ambassadors Convention during his program Give Us This Day.  The nightly program is broadcast over Sonshine Media Network International TV channels to a global audience.


Hundreds of young men and women in their 20’s and 30’s from all over the Kingdom Nation converged in the Covenant Mountain Prayer Garden of Eden Restored, the spiritual birthplace of the Appointed Son, to join the event.

Various activities and events were prepared for the delegates designed for their spiritual growth. These included fellowship with the pioneering workers of the Kingdom who were with Pastor Apollo since the early days, trekking and more fellowship at the Glory Mountain, at the Kingdom Q-Sands Resort, and joining the audience of Give Us This Day to listen to spiritual manna that can come only from the Appointed Son.

After the program, Pastor Apollo extended his time with the delegates and fellowshipped with them about loyalty, commitment, dedication, faithfulness and obedience to the Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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