Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, once more blessed the world with the Fresh Manna of Revelation as he airs the first LIVE broadcast of his much beloved nightly program Give Us This Day.

With his usual aplomb and passion, the Appointed Son of God delivers the message entitled “Herein is My Father Glorified” to millions of viewers worldwide tuned in to Sonshine Media Network International TV channels airing in over 200 countries and 2,000 cities.

The Kingdom Singers

Accompanied at intervals by spiritual Kingdom music led by the Kingdom Musicians, Pastor Apollo underscored in his message the Father’s earnest desire and original plan in Creation, which is to reside in man and make him His dwelling place, thereby producing sons and daughters. For herein, says the pastor, in the making of sons and daughters is the Father truly glorified.

Pastor Apollo goes on to enunciate that a human being can only become a true son or a daughter of the Father when he or she undergoes the process of spiritual adoption. In this process, a man or woman undergoes the different stages of growth that begins with spiritual birth and is completed when he or she has become a perfect and mature son or daughter of the Father, a “legal heir” of the Father’s House.

The good Pastor’s message is not a new one. In fact, he himself constantly and regularly asserts in his preaching that his message is the same today as it was from the beginning of His ministry more than three decades ago. His teachings center upon the core message that genuine repentance is the only key to true salvation and freedom from the spirit of sin.

Pastor Apollo was a young man of barely 24 years when the Almighty Father began to reveal Himself to him. He was anointed for his ministry by the Father Himself in a small chapel in Brgy. Tamayong, a small settlement found in the lower hills surrounding Mt. Apo in the year 1974. This event was witnessed by many of the pioneering members of the ministry, who, to this day can testify about the events that took place that miraculous night. Pastor is also heard via his Sonshine Radio Stations nationwide and via the world wide web on,, and the  Netizens worldwide are also able to follow Pastor via and

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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