Pastor Apollo Quiboloy celebrated 16 years of glorious ministry of bringing the fresh Manna of Revelation to the whole world on Give Us This Day.

The popular TV program of the Appointed Son of God that is broadcast globally via Sonshine Media Network International celebrated its 16th Anniversary recently at the SMNI Worldwide Broadcast Center at the New Jerusalem, Davao City, Philippines.

A short audio video presentation was an opening highlight in the special episode showcasing the evolution of Give Us This Day through the years. The video presentation emphasized, however, that the message of the Appointed Son remained unchanging through the years, which is genuine repentance and becoming a son or daughter of the Father as the only way to salvation.

Since Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s launching of the program in the year 2002, he has fed the whole world with the progressive revelations of truth coming from the Almighty Father through His Son delivered together with anointed songs of worship as the format of the program. Millions have been blessed over the decade and a half of TV broadcast and have become Kingdom citizens.

In this special GUTD episode, Pastor Apollo continued his preaching against carnality. He called it the new mountain of deception of Satan Lucifer the devil, by which he had successfully encapsulated the world in the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

But, like the mountain of religious deception, which seemed impregnable at the start but had eventually come tumbling down, Pastor Apollo says that the same will happen in this spiritual warfare because no one can stop the Son, not even the gates of hell shall prevail against him.

Pastor Apollo reminded the Kingdom Nation that the immorality found on the Internet are the gates of hell. He warned one and all to get out fast and stand with the Son in this battle and be cleansed with the Word of God through the Son.

“The devil is privately corrupting your mind through the Internet that when you’re hooked with it, it is very hard to get out. That is why I am raging a battle against the onslaught of the enemy of the Internet,” he said.

He also revealed in his discussion that the Hebrew inscription of 666 is www. He repeated that the Internet is the modern Anti-Christ – which is a system that goes against the Will of God.

He exhorted the Kingdom Nation to be strong and firm against the onslaught of the enemy.

“Spirituality is what makes you whole. Don’t let the termites of the devil eat you up inside. The devil knows that the easiest way for a man to let his guard down is through the Internet. Do not let that happen. Be strong in your faith,” he asserted. The episode ended with an episode of the segment A Day in the Life showing the victorious opening of the Jose Maria College Medical Foundation under the Jose Maria College, Pastor’s own education institution and other activities of the Appointed Son in the past week.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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