Pastor Apollo Quiboloy continued preaching about undergoing ‘baptism of fire’ in the latest episode of Sounds of Worship, the live broadcast of the Kingdom Nation’s Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation.

The program is aired every Sunday from the New Jerusalem, Davao City to the whole world via Sonshine Media Network International. Over 7 million people tune in to this weekly program.

For the past several episodes of his various TV programs, Pastor Apollo had been preaching about this topic, emphasizing how sons and daughters must endure all testing and trial in order to become GOLD. 

In this latest preaching, Pastor Apollo focused on spiritual growth and maturity after welcoming all the new sons and daughters of the Father who underwent the recent water baptismal rites. He reminded them that they must become spiritually mature and grow in the knowledge of the Father’s Will.

He underscored that the ultimate goal of spiritual maturity, which is for sons and daughters to conform into the image of the firstborn, the Appointed Son of God, who is the model and standard of salvation in these last days.

Pastor Apollo also stressed that the greatest enemy to spiritual growth and maturity is none other than the self. “Because of the serpent seed we are blind to our own mistakes. True repentance is when you are able to confront and overcome yourself,” he maintained.


He advised everyone to work out their salvation with trembling and fear, cautioning one and all that the rebellious and disobedient will be weeded and thrown out. “Only the genuine, the obedient son and daughter will remain!”

At the very last, Pastor Apollo called out to all sons and daughters of the Father around the world, saying, “Kingdom Citizens, hold fast to your crown for great is your reward in Heaven!” Pastor Apollo’s 7 million strong Kingdom of Jesus Christ is the fastest growing congregation in the globe today, with Kingdom sentinels of light found in 200 countries and 2,000 cities worldwide.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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