Everybody knows the story of the Good Samaritan. Most children learn it early in grade school. But as with many parables from the Bible as taught by the religions of the Church Age, understanding of this age-old parable is ever so shallow. Until Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

The most revolutionary preacher of this generation, Pastor Apollo has once again overthrown every common understanding of this great lesson from the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, in a recent preaching, “I am the fulfillment of the Good Samaritan.”

The story found in Luke 10:25-37, tells us how a man fell into the hands of thieves and was left by the roadside half-dead. A priest came by, but when he saw the injured man, crossed to the other side and walked by. In the same manner a Levite came. He, too, passed by.

But along came a Samaritan, a man from a most reviled people, wanted neither by Jews or by Gentiles, had pity on the wounded man. Instead of moving past, he bound-up the man’s wounds and brought him to an inn to be cared for. To the inn keeper he even gave money and promised to pay him back what else he spends for the man’s care. “Just bring him back to life.”

As he ended the telling of the parable, Jesus Christ asked, “Among the three, who do you think was the wounded man’s neighbor?”

Without a doubt, it is the Good Samaritan.


Pastor Apollo went on to explain that the parable has both a spiritual and a physical fulfillment in the life of the Appointed Son today.

Spiritual because only the ministry of the Appointed Son has given man a way back into his relationship with his Creator, the Almighty Father, which was lost during the deception in the Garden of Eden.

Religions and denominations of the Church Age did nothing at all. They covered, they twisted, and hid the Word of God, never teaching repentance and obedience which would restore man to God.

“Nothing was taught to us that we should return to our true spiritual life, that the Father is our connection to heaven, not Satan. They skipped that. But the Good Samaritan came,” said the Appointed Son.

The Good Samaritan took us up, reviled though he was on every side. He bound up our wounds of disobedience by teaching us the true way of salvation, which is obedience to words of our Lord Jesus Christ. He looked not at a man’s character, at who or what he is, but saw only his soul that is in need.

“So, on TV every day, we are bringing to life those who were robbed by Satan Lucifer the devil,” Pastor Apollo affirmed. “From a dead spiritual life, to a living spiritual life through obedience. This is restoration.”


Physically, said the Son, the mission of the Good Samaritan is also fulfilled in the life of the Appointed Son.

“We are also helping our fellow citizens who are in need. And when we help, we do not ask who you are.  I do not ask what religion you are. I do not ask if you maligned me or not. I do not ask if you are a basher. I do not ask if you are against me. I do not ask if you are from KAPA who are opposing and slandering me.  I do not ask you any of that. All I see is, do you need my help?” declared the Son.

“If you need it, I will give it to you,” said Pastor Apollo. “Because that is what the Father said, Love your neighbor as yourself. Your neighbor is the person in need. So in times of disaster, earthquakes, floods, earthquakes, typhoons, we are there,” he pronounced.

One of the most pilloried public personalities in the world today, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has teared down the age-old belief systems of present day religions in the Christian world without fear of consequences. He has single-handedly polarized believers into two opposing camps.

On one side are those who love him for cutting through the false doctrine and dogmas of the Church and fearlessly speaking the truth. And on the other, those who hate him for exposing their deceits and call him a false Chris in retaliation. Estimated to have a 7-million world-wide following and growing, Pastor Apollo is the most influential religious leader in the world today.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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