In an all new episode of Give Us This Day, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Appointed Son of God pointed out humanity’s propensity to self-destruct.

He cited the two world wars, and the probability of a third, as an example of how man destroys himself. He said this is because of the spirit of disobedience that is in every human being.

The leader of the worldwide Kingdom of Jesus Christ, more widely known as the Kingdom Nation, recounted how the Father had called him out from religion and denomination, how he was tried, and tested so that he could come out of the matrix of Satan Lucifer the Devil’s deception and ownership of all creation.

“If man did not fall from the Garden of Eden, this world will be a paradise of humanity living in this planet, loving one another, acknowledging God as the Creator of all,” expounded Pastor.

“Man would have recognized Him as the Father of humanity who has the sovereign right to rule over us, using the New Agreement,” he continued.

He argued that if all humanity would become like him, having the knowledge and the wisdom of the divine revelations, the world would be completely different.

“If all 7 million become sons and daughters of the Almighty Father, all obedient to the Father’s will, what will happen to this world?” Pastor Apollo repeated.

There will be no more war, he declared. “There will be no more of the crime that we see today, no more of the darkness, no more of the evil that we see in society today – evil that besets man and offsets his goodness. No, there will be nothing of that,” Pastor proclaimed.

“And the devil does not want that,” he pointed out. “So he has not only blocked, but covered the Word of God so that it is impossible for man to understand without divine intervention.”

Pastor Apollo contended how fortunate he is to have been given all of the divine revelations. “So that when I talk today, it is quite different what you hear from the Church Age,” he maintained. “Because these were all given to me in a divine manner that an ordinary person will not be able to access without that divine understanding given to him by the Almighty Father.”

Pastor Apollo stressed that it is not enough to know the Word of God, to hear it, but if one does not accept it, it is nothing. 

“It is one thing to hear it, it is another thing to accept it. You have to use your freedom of choice to accept the Word of God, to defend it, to obey it and remain faithful to it,” he pronounced. Pastor Apollo Quiboloy can be heard over Sonshine Media Network International TV channels worldwide and on Facebook and YouTube.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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