Delegates from the 16th International Youth Congress filled the KCJ Cathedral in the spiritual capital city, the New Jerusalem Davao City, Philippines in the LIVE Thanksgiving Worship Presentation, April 21, 2019.

African brothers and sisters leading other delegates with their native dance in praising the Almighty Father.

During the live service, the crowd was filled with the spirit of worship and thanksgiving as the Kingdom musicians and Kingdom youths sung joyful songs of praise in different languages.

The young people gave their highest praise and worship to the Almighty Father even as happiness painted their faces throughout the event. They were also given a chance to greet viewers warmly in their own language as they represented their respective Kingdom Light Congregations and countries. Some of them shared how it was a dream come true for them to come to the New Jerusalem. They came from far away towns and cities just to be here as vessels of honor to glorify the Almighty Father through His Appointed Son, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy with a smile on his face while preaching the Word of God in the midst of all the young people and whole kingdom nation all over the world.

In his message, Pastor Apollo had the youth roaring with laughter as he shared anecdote after anecdote about his experience growing up under the care of his eldest sister, Kang Helen, whom the Father had placed as one of his ‘tutors and governors’ during his training years.

Pastor Apollo recalled how he was disciplined and taught through eight years as a child under his sister’s care, working day and night even while going to school. He said that through the hard work, hardship and sacrifices he went through, the Father Almighty prepared him for the role that he would play in the future.

Everything he experienced was part of the Father’s plan, he explained. He did not know that one day he will be at the center stage of what God will be doing today for his salvation work.

He spoke at length about obedience, saying that despite the terrible hardship, he never rebelled against his sister. “Even then, I loved to do the Father’s Will though I didn’t yet know that I had a life that is destined to become the Appointed Son,” he said.

“Absolute obedience is doing the Father’s Will wholeheartedly without complaining and murmuring,” he explained.

During the four-hour service, Pastor clearly conveying to his rapt audience the meaning of commitment.  

“When you follow Him, you are not the boss anymore. So do not only follow things that are easy. Follow everything whether it is hard or not,” he said.

“Sometimes the Will of the Father runs contrary to what you want. But when you commit, you have to follow no matter what,” he stated.

The youth delegates joining the International Youth Congress are fruits of the life-changing message and advocacy of the Appointed Son through the Keepers Club International, an organization founded by Pastor Apollo himself. The club is established in different parts of the globe to give hope and spiritual enlightenment to all the lost young people. And now they are here bringing their God-given talents to be used solely for the Father’s honor and majesty.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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