As the 16th International Youth Congress continues, delegates were given the privilege to visit the Covenant Mountain Paradise Garden of Eden Restored, a significant place in the life of the Appointed Son in the early days of the ministry.

Upon arrival, young people traced back the Kingdom history through a pilgrimage tour. They were blessed to see, with their very own eyes, the significant sites which are close to Pastor Apollo‘s heart.

Some of these are the one-hectare sanctuary where the Son stayed for five years and was trained to obey the perfect Will of the Almighty Father through a furnace of affliction; Kyohong, where Pastor and the members stayed after they were driven away from the one-hectare lot; Kiama’s store, where Pastor used to borrow rice and canned goods because of extreme poverty.

The young delegates also saw a map called the Highway of Spirits, where Pastor would see naked eye visions where angels fought against devils to protect he who would become the Appointed Son. They also discovered where a grove of Marang trees used to stand and where Pastor Apollo would land after every trip to Heaven.

IYC Fellowship with the Son

In the evening, the young people joined the Appointed Son in a blessed night of fellowship where Pastor Apollo emphasized the importance of loyalty, commitment and dedication in following the Father’s Will. “I am the representation of the Father. There are things that I will do that you will not understand. Do not try to understand it. Just follow because the Son is here to give life and not destruction,” Pastor Apollo said.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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