From its humble beginnings in the year 2002, the Jose Maria College (JMC) now stands as one of the pillars of quality education in the Philippines, being the third in Davao to open a College of Law and just recently gaining the permission to operate the Institute of Medicine.

JMC Administrator Dr. Nelia Q. Canada presented the said grant as a birthday gift to the Founding President of JMC, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, last April 25, 2019. It is the vision of the good Pastor to provide medical education to the youth, knowing that health issues such as malnutrition continue to plague the growth of millions of young people all over the world. In fact, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 815 million children worldwide are undernourished.

Nevertheless, despite reaching milestone after milestone in merely 17 years, JMC has never forgotten its cause of giving free education to the young people of the Philippines. Officials of the institution exhausted all means to reach out to government agencies and sponsors to provide hundreds of slots for incoming college freshmen to avail 100% free education, whether in medicine or any other course.

This is apart from the Gift of Education (GOE) scholarship programs provided by Pastor Apollo which already caters 75% of the students in JMC. One of the Appointed Son’s Gift of Education Full-time (GOEF) scholars, who recently graduated with flying colors in BS Psychology, plans to take up a medical course, availing the 100% free tuition and miscellaneous program.

“I thank our beloved Pastor for everything he has given to me. My parents did not pay anything, even a single peso,” Hannah Calderon, a GOEF scholar, said.

More than just its ability to provide assured, consistent and quality education, JMC is defined by its valiant mission to educate young people, seeing beyond financial gain to provide free services to whoever needs them. Its philosophies are always aligned with the revolution of love advocated by the Appointed Son.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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