Another Live Thanksgiving and Worship Presentation was held in the spiritual capital city, the New Jerusalem, Davao City, Philippines. Kingdom leaders coming from the different parts of the world went home to the New Jerusalem like eagles flying back to their nest.
During the global thanksgiving, the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy was very proud to present these faithful Kingdom leaders who are the administrators, coordinators, and ministers of the Kingdom Nation. Many of them have been with the Son from the very beginning of the ministry and have been used mightily for the propagation of the Father’s work all over the world.
Pastor Apollo Quiboloy blessed these senior full-time miracle workers, declaring them to be overcomers who have been tried and tested by the trials of fire but remained ‘gold’ in their commitment, dedication, obedience and loyalty to the Will of the Almighty Father through his Appointed Son.
Pastor Apollo again announced that the year 2019 is The Year of the Absolute Glorification and the Year of Abundance and Prosperity. “We are growing in numbers all over the world; everywhere millions of sons and daughters are being ushered into the Kingdom Nation,” he said.
The year’s Kingdom theme, as the Son declares it at the start of every year, built excitement, faith and great expectation in the hearts of the millions of sons and daughters watching the global worship LIVE via Sonshine Media Network International TV channels broadcast via Globecast World TV and through the Kingdom’s websites and social media accounts.
Indeed, a video presentation aired as part of the global thanksgiving and worship presentation of the Kingdom’s recent victory reports from all over world proved that sons and daughters are indeed being born every day in the Kingdom Light Congregations that are sprouting up like mushrooms in every city, town and country. In tandem with the Kingdom leaders’ arrival, the annual The Kingdom Leader’s Convention is also happening for ten days at The Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center Garden of Eden Restored, honing and taking these leader’s leadership skills up to the next level.
Earlier in the week, a recognition ceremony and fellowship with the Appointed Son was held at the KJC Cathedral.
Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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