An ingathering of faithful sons and daughters of the Father is happening in the New Jerusalem, the Father Almighty’s spiritual capital established upon the earth.  

It is the 23rd International Kingdom Leaders Convention of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, an awaited yearly celebration of grand proportion and noble purpose.

Thousands of leaders of the Father’s Kingdom Nation from every part of the world gather in what is called ‘the flight of eagles.’  This is in reference to Isaiah 40:31, where faithful sons and daughters of the Father are called eagles who never grow weary.

These Kingdom leaders are the frontliners of the Father’s Army of Goodness. They are mighty warriors who spread the seeds of righteousness and salvation to all corners of the globe. For these leaders, there is no place too far to reach with the Son’s gospel message of redemption.

Carrying with them the fruits of their labor, they have come to the Holy City to give glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving to the Creator of All, our Lord Jesus Christ, through His Appointed Son and King of the New Creation, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy.

The series of activities prepared for these mighty eagles formally kicked off with the stately Tribute to the King celebration.

Representing the Kingdom Light Congregations (KLC) from whence they came, the leaders march to bring to the feet of the King, their harvest in spiritual revolution, financial revolution and the revolution of excellence.

Arrayed in fine gowns and suits, the Kingdom leaders also carried the Flags of the Nations that represent the width and breadth of the Son’s dominion around the world. Everywhere, sons and daughters are repenting and being freed from bondage from the serpent seed as they listen to the life-changing and enlightening message of the Appointed Son.

In his message, Pastor Apollo succinctly said, “Now, I am no longer alone. The greatest triumph wrought in the history of mankind is when One Seed perfected in God’s Image, has been reproduced not just into thousands, but into millions more of His likeness.”

“This is the triumph and victory of all ages – when man is ultimately freed from the seed of the serpent and is transformed into His Image and Likeness – living in righteousness, blessings and abundance, free from curse,” he emphasized.

Pastor Apollo also blessed all the rulers of the Kingdom realms, also called Kingdom sentinels of light. He declared a multiplication upon every tribute rendered by the Father’s faithful warriors.

He pronounced, “They will be multiplied a million fold. The Kingdom Light Congregations from whence they came shall overflow and the fields will reap a harvest no storehouse can contain.”

The tribute was followed by a formal banquet and dinner.

Pastor Apollo will also be joining the leaders during their one-week stay at the Covenant Mountain Prayer Center and Garden of Eden Restored. Delegates will enjoy more fellowship and spiritual feasting of the Manna of Revelation as given only by the Father’s Audible Voice here on Earth, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the Father’s Appointed Son.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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