Happiness and love filled the grounds and atmosphere of the central headquarters of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ as people of different ages gathered and witnessed the ACQ-International Children’s Day (ACD-ICD) in celebration of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy‘s birthday, last April 25.

Even heavy rain did not stop everyone to spread love.

Though the celebration was for children, people of the older generation also enjoyed the different events and entertainment offered by the event.

No one was exempted in feeling the breeze of love as they joined the whole world in celebrating the International Children’s Day. High-ranking officials, leaders and close friends of Pastor Apollo, all were similarly affected.

Senators Pia Cayetano, Koko Pimentel, Bong Revilla and Cynthia Villar were some of the guests of the beloved Pastor.

These highly honored guests extended their greetings and gratitude to the man behind this great act of humanity. Not only did they see the smiles on the people’s faces but they also saw the unity and the love spread by the Kingdom members to the whole world.

“The main reason why I always spend time going back here every year and witnessing this is because I can see the great unity and obedience of all of you,” Senator Koko Pimentel said as he delivered his greetings.

The guests also appreciated and commended everyone for the cleanliness of the venue, even after the parade. “Not one piece of trash can be seen around. You must teach the whole Philippines,” the senator added.

This is the 14th consecutive year that Pastor Apollo dedicated his birthday to millions of children all over the world.

All we need is Love

In his short message delivered after the parade, Pastor Apollo once again explained the reason behind ACQ-ICD. “I told the Almighty Father that if he will bless me in this ministry, I will share all the blessings to the poor children,” Pastor Apollo said.

ACQ-International Children's Day Grand Finally

With colorful characters, bottomless food, drink and rides, an amazing parade, smiling faces and love shared, the International Children’s Day is an act that proves that through the Appointed Son of God, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, humaneness can be restored to humanity.

The good Pastor showed that he is not a titled doctor fellow of humanities for nothing. He is an example of what a true leader should be like, an inspiration that you can love others even if you do not know them by name.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

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